What is Blur NFT Marketplace?

What is Blur NFT Marketplace?

In this guide, we overview the Blur NFT Marketplace which has taken the NFT market by storm and recently flipped OpenSea in volume. Learn more about the hype behind $BLUR.

Summary: Blur NFT Marketplace is a recently established platform that operates as both a marketplace and aggregator, allowing users to list their NFTs for sale on multiple platforms simultaneously with no royalties charged. It promises to provide users with better tools, better liquidity for NFTs and a faster experience than its competitors.

Blur NFT Marketplace Review
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Blur NFT Marketplace is a recently launched platform that enables professional NFT traders to buy, sell, and list their NFTs on multiple platforms simultaneously with no royalties charged and a user-friendly fee structure.
Total Volume Traded in NFTs
$1.4 Billion+
Available Network
Ethereum Only
Key Features
NFT Sweeping, NFT Marketplace Aggregator & Zero Fees.

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What is Blur.io?

Blur.io is an NFT Marketplace on Ethereum mainnet that was launched on October 19, 2022 and has quickly become the #1 trading platform for NFTs by volume. Unlike other marketplaces that target retail users, Blur is designed to cater more to professional NFT traders.

The platform offers batch shelf and floor-sweeping transactions in addition to order book NFT transactions, allowing traders to make batch operations more conveniently. Buyers can not only browse NFTs on Blur but also on other NFT marketplaces and place orders directly through Blur with a similar experience to buying or selling cryptocurrencies with instant liquidity.

Blur NFT Marketplace

What is Blend on Blur?

Blend on Blur is a peer-to-peer lending platform introduced by NFT marketplace Blur to enhance NFT liquidity and accessibility. The platform enables collectors to buy high-value NFTs with a smaller initial payment, similar to a house down payment. This financing option allows new buyers to enter the NFT market, making expensive collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk NFTs more attainable.

Developed in collaboration with Paradigm, Blend expands Blur's reach into the decentralized finance (DeFi) space and offers a flexible, fee-free lending protocol that supports various collateral types and adapts to market-driven rates.

Blur NFT Marketplace Fees

Blur has a very trader-friendly fee structure and does not charge any transaction fees for users on the platform. In terms of royalties, which are mandatory for a certain percentage of secondary transactions on other marketplaces, Blur recommends a default royalty rate of 0.5% for buyers. However, this can be customized and even set to 0 if the user wishes. Overall, Blur.io offers a more convenient and cost-effective platform for professional NFT traders.

Who Created Blur?

Blur was founded by @PacmanBlur who is a MIT-graduate and member of the Peter Thiel Fellowship. The product was built in conjunction with support from leading venture capitalists Paradigm.

$BLUR Token Airdrop

The Blur platform recently completed its $BLUR token airdrop after Season 1 of the incentivization program finished. Users were rewarded 'Care Packages' for providing liquidity and trading on the platform, which were available to be opened on the 14th of February at 12PM EST. Some traders earned up to $3 million in $BLUR tokens and the project launched at an eye-watering $400 million valuation.

Blur have another round airdrops coming for 'Season 2'. The best strategy to earn $BLUR tokens in the next airdrop is to use the platform by buying, selling and listing your NFTs on the platform.

BLUR Tokenomics

Blur has minted 3 billion BLUR tokens, which will be made accessible over 4 to 5 years. The token allocation is divided into 51% for the community, 29% for past and future core contributors, 19% for investors, and 1% for advisors. A community treasury of 360 million BLUR tokens, equivalent to 12% of the total token supply, can be claimed by NFT traders, historical users of Blur, and creators.

The community treasury will distribute 39% of the BLUR supply through contributor grants, community initiatives, and incentive programs, with 10% allocated to the next incentive release. The vesting of BLUR tokens will occur continuously according to a set schedule for each group of token recipients.

BLUR Marketplace Growth

With the help of their incentives program, Blur has grown to become the largest NFT Marketplace in the world. It has successfully flipped OpenSea within 6 months of release due to its user-friendly UI, low fees and deeper liquidity for NFTs.

The platform boasts eye-watering stats with over 400,000 active users and $1.4 billion in traded volume according to this Dune Analytics dashboard.

Blur Growth

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Blur NFT Marketplace has quickly become a leading platform in the NFT space, offering both a marketplace and aggregator with a trader-friendly fee structure. Its Blend on Blur peer-to-peer lending platform enhances NFT liquidity and accessibility, making high-value NFTs more attainable for a wider audience.

The platform's rapid growth and success can be attributed to its user-friendly UI, low fees, deeper liquidity, and strong support from leading venture capitalists. With over 400,000 active users and $1.4 billion in traded volume, Blur continues to revolutionize the NFT market, making it an essential platform for professional NFT traders and collectors alike.

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