What is Blur NFT Marketplace?

What is Blur NFT Marketplace?

Explore Blur.io, a revolutionary NFT marketplace designed for professional traders, offering unique features and a significant $BLUR token airdrop.

Summary: Blur, launched in October 2022, quickly establishes itself as a leading Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, focusing on professional traders. It offers innovative trading features and integrates with various marketplaces for an enhanced experience. The platform's Blend feature facilitates accessible NFT trading through peer-to-peer lending.

Blur distinguishes itself with a user-friendly fee structure, including adjustable royalty rates, and a strategic tokenomics model, evidenced by its impactful $BLUR token airdrop. With over 600,000 active users and significant trading volumes, it is a key player in evolving the NFT trading domain.

Blur NFT Marketplace Review
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Blur.io is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that caters to professional traders with its innovative trading features, user-centric fee structure, and integration with various marketplaces.
Total Volume Traded in NFTs
Over $5 Billion in Volume Traded.
Available Network
Ethereum Mainnet only.
Key Features
NFT Aggregator, Sweeping and NFT Loans.

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What is Blur?

Launched on October 19, 2022, Blur is an innovative NFT marketplace on the Ethereum mainnet, rapidly gaining recognition as the foremost trading platform in NFT volume. Uniquely crafted to meet the demands of professional NFT traders, Blur.io differentiates itself from other marketplaces that predominantly cater to retail users.

The platform elevates the trading experience with features like batch shelf and floor-sweeping transactions, in addition to its order book NFT transactions. These functionalities are designed for streamlined, efficient operations, allowing traders to execute multiple transactions effortlessly. An additional key feature of Blur.io is its integration with other NFT marketplaces, permitting users to explore and transact across various platforms seamlessly. This integration provides a trading experience reminiscent of the fluid and instant transactions typical in the cryptocurrency market, significantly enhancing liquidity and convenience for users.

Blend on Blur?

What is Blend on Blur?

Blend on Blur represents an innovative addition to the Blur NFT marketplace, functioning as a peer-to-peer lending platform. Its primary objective is to augment the liquidity and accessibility of NFTs. This platform empowers collectors to acquire high-value NFTs through a reduced initial payment mechanism, akin to the down payment process in real estate. Such a financial model democratizes access to the NFT market, particularly for aspirant collectors aiming to invest in premium collections like Pudgy Penguins and CryptoPunk NFTs.

Strategically developed in partnership with Paradigm, Blend extends Blur's capabilities into the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere. It stands out by offering a versatile and no-fee lending protocol, which is accommodating to a variety of collateral types and dynamically adjusts to market rates. This development signifies Blur's commitment to innovating within the NFT landscape, making high-value digital assets more attainable and fostering a more inclusive NFT trading environment.

Blur NFT Marketplace Fees

Blur is distinguished by its trader-centric fee structure, which foregoes transaction fees for its users, enhancing the platform's appeal to professional NFT traders. In contrast to other marketplaces, Blur offers a recommended default royalty rate of 0.5% for buyers, but uniquely allows for customization, including the option to reduce this rate to zero.

This flexibility in setting royalty rates demonstrates Blur's commitment to creating a cost-effective and adaptable trading environment, catering specifically to the diverse needs of its users in the NFT space.

Who Created Blur?

Blur was founded by @PacmanBlur who is a MIT-graduate and member of the Peter Thiel Fellowship. The product was built in conjunction with support from leading venture capitalists Paradigm.

$BLUR Token Airdrop

The Blur platform successfully concluded its $BLUR token airdrop marking the end of Season 1 of its incentivization program. Participants were rewarded with 'Care Packages' for their active involvement in providing liquidity and engaging in trading activities on the platform. These packages, distributed on February 14th at 12 PM EST, held significant value for users, with some traders receiving up to $3 million in $BLUR tokens. This event propelled the project's valuation to an impressive $400 million.

Looking ahead, Blur is gearing up for another series of airdrops in 'Season 2'. For users aiming to maximize their potential rewards in the upcoming airdrop, the recommended strategy is active participation on the platform. This involves buying, selling, and listing NFTs on Blur, thereby contributing to the platform's ecosystem and qualifying for the next phase of $BLUR token distribution.

BLUR Tokenomics

Blur has minted 3 billion BLUR tokens, with a planned distribution spanning 4 to 5 years. The allocation of these tokens is strategically divided: 51% is earmarked for the community, 29% for both current and future core contributors, 19% for investors, and a smaller portion of 1% for advisors. Additionally, a dedicated community treasury holds 360 million BLUR tokens, representing 12% of the total supply. This portion is available for NFT traders, historical Blur users, and creators.

The community treasury is set to distribute 39% of the BLUR supply, focusing on contributor grants, community initiatives, and incentive programs. Notably, 10% of this supply is reserved for upcoming incentive releases. The distribution process for BLUR tokens is designed to be continuous, adhering to a pre-determined schedule tailored to each recipient group, ensuring a structured and fair allocation over time.

BLUR Tokenomics

BLUR Marketplace Growth

Through its strategic incentives program, Blur has rapidly ascended to become the leading NFT Marketplace globally. In just six months post-launch, Blur surpassed OpenSea, attributed to its user-centric interface, competitive fee structure, and enhanced liquidity options for NFT transactions.

The platform's impressive performance is reflected in its robust user base and trading volume. Currently, Blur boasts over 600,000 active users and has achieved a remarkable trading volume of $10 billion. These figures, as reported by a Dune Analytics dashboard, underscore the marketplace's significant impact and growing prominence in the NFT sector.

Bottom Line

In summary, Blur emerges as a pioneering NFT marketplace, uniquely serving professional traders with its rapid expansion and innovative offerings. Its integration with multiple marketplaces, advanced transaction features, and the Blend platform highlight its commitment to user-centric design and financial accessibility. Blur.io's favorable fee structures, effective tokenomics, robust user base, and significant trading volume underscore its impactful role in the NFT sector. As Blur.io continues to evolve with its user-focused initiatives, it solidifies its position as a key influencer in the dynamic world of NFT trading.

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