Bitcoin Starts 2024 Surpassing $45,000 Mark

Bitcoin Starts 2024 Surpassing $45,000 Mark

Dive into Bitcoin's surge over $45,000, the Tellor pump-dump saga, and Sei Network's rising popularity with its SEIYAN meme coin making waves.

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Bitcoin Starts 2024 Surpassing $45,000 Mark

The anticipation of a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approval for several spot Bitcoin ETFs has spurred a significant rise in Bitcoin’s price, propelling it to nearly $46,000, its highest since April 2022. This optimism at the start of 2024 reflects the potential impact of the first regulated spot bitcoin product in the U.S., with companies like BlackRock and VanEck among the 13 contenders. 

The market’s response is mixed, with some analysts cautious about immediate rallies while others, like trader Scott Melker and Matrixport, predict substantial surges to $54,000 and $50,000 respectively. Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche also saw notable gains, riding the wave of positive market sentiment.

Tellor’s 150% Pump-Dump Triggers Manipulation Concerns

The cryptocurrency Tellor (TRB) experienced a dramatic fluctuation, with its value soaring nearly 150% to $619 before plummeting to $136 within 13 hours. This volatility led to over $68 million in liquidations. Adding to concerns, the Tellor team reportedly transferred 4,211 TRB (around $2.4 million) to a Coinbase wallet during the price spike. 

Blockchain analysis suggested a concentration of TRB in a few large wallets, implying potential market manipulation. The event also affected decentralized trading platforms like Synthetix, resulting in significant losses and highlighting the need for robust risk controls in decentralized exchanges.

Sei Network Gains Popularity; SEIYAN Meme Coin Outperforms

The Sei Network, an EVM-compliant blockchain, has seen significant growth, with its SEI token appreciating over 75% in the past week. The network’s recent popularity is partly due to the rise in meme coins like SEIYAN, which surged 400%, reflecting the broader ecosystem’s expansion. It is also well-regarded for its parallelized EVM, which is designed to give significant speed and cost improvements over other high-speed networks like Solana and Sui.

Launched in August 2023, Sei Network is designed for trading, offering speed and low fees, and has garnered support from notable investors like Jump Crypto and Multicoin Capital. On-chain metrics indicate increasing interest, with SEI futures open interest jumping from $69 million to $228 million. An upcoming upgrade promises to enhance the network’s speed and introduce new features, maintaining the momentum into 2024.

FTX Bankruptcy May Span Years, Predicts Legal Expert

The bankruptcy case of FTX, involving over $8 billion in creditor claims, is expected to drag on for years, according to bankruptcy lawyer Alan R. Rosenberg. This prolonged process is due to FTX’s numerous clawback claims, aiming to retrieve funds spent before insolvency. Unlike other crypto bankruptcies like Celsius and BlockFi, FTX’s situation is complicated by significant transfers to large, capable defenders, making settlements time-consuming. 

Additionally, FTX faces a massive $24 billion tax claim from the IRS. Ongoing and potential future lawsuits include those against former executives and celebrities, as well as questions over fraudulent transactions. Another challenge is determining the value of cryptocurrency in these cases, with no definitive legal precedents. The method of paying creditors, whether in crypto or fiat, also remains unresolved.

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