BlockFi's $874.5M settlement with FTX, MicroStrategy's $700M note sale, Avalanche's Durango upgrade, and Uniswap's token rewards update.
BlockFi Settles for $874.5M with FTX & Alameda Estates

BlockFi Settles for $874.5M with FTX & Alameda Estates

BlockFi's $874.5M settlement with FTX, MicroStrategy's $700M note sale, Avalanche's Durango upgrade, and Uniswap's token rewards update.

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Mar 8, 2024
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Welcome to another edition of Datawallet Daily. As always, we’ve curated the must-know crypto stories from the last 24 hours just for you:

BlockFi Settles for $874.5M with FTX & Alameda Estates

BlockFi has reached a settlement of $874.5 million with the estates of FTX and Alameda Research, marking a significant step in its bankruptcy and reorganization efforts. This settlement aims to facilitate BlockFi’s recovery process and potentially enable full-value recovery for its customers. 

BlockFi, a bankrupt crypto lender affected by FTX’s collapse, will receive $250 million as a secured claim, enhancing its repayment priority post-FTX’s bankruptcy resolution. The agreement also includes dropping FTX’s claims against BlockFi, streamlining the recovery process. This development is seen as a positive outcome for BlockFi’s customers and creditors, reflecting a complex yet resolving relationship between BlockFi, FTX, and Alameda Research.

MicroStrategy Ups Convertible Notes Sale to $700 Million 

MicroStrategy, amid a stock rally and a bullish cryptocurrency market, has increased its convertible notes offering to $700 million from an initially announced $600 million. These notes, due in 2030, will have an annual interest rate of 0.625% and a conversion price significantly above the current stock price, targeting a premium purchase of Bitcoin or for corporate expenses. 

The firm anticipates a net raise of up to $782 million, depending on option exercises. This strategy aligns with Chairman Michael Saylor’s advocacy for Bitcoin, reflecting MicroStrategy’s ongoing commitment to integrating the cryptocurrency into its treasury, bolstered by substantial returns since its initial investment.

Avalanche Launches Durango Upgrade, Improves Interoperability

Avalanche developers introduced the Teleporter feature, enhancing interoperability across its subnet ecosystem following the Durango upgrade. This tool, built on Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM), focuses on unifying the network’s application-specific chains to reduce fragmentation.

Particularly beneficial for EVM-compatible subnets, including the C-Chain, Teleporter facilitates seamless communication, supporting the exchange of tokens, NFTs, and oracle data. This innovation aligns with Avalanche’s strategy to enable customized application chains across various sectors since 2022. 

Uniswap Foundation Token Rewards Proposal Passes Vote

The Uniswap Foundation’s proposal to revise the decentralized exchange’s governance and fee mechanism has overwhelmingly passed a temperature check vote with 100% approval. Aimed at rewarding users who delegate and stake their UNI tokens, this initiative is set to proceed to an on-chain vote. 

The proposal seeks to energize governance by linking delegation to protocol fees, encouraging UNI holders to select delegates who actively contribute to the protocol’s growth. Success in the upcoming on-chain vote will enable the protocol to collect and distribute fees to voting UNI holders, further integrating governance into fee management. Following the announcement, UNI’s price notably surged, reflecting positive market reception.

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