Explore today's top crypto stories including Celestia's airdrop, Taiwan's new crypto guidelines, Ether's bullish signal, and Celsius Network's reorganization.
Celestia Airdrop of 20,000,000 $TIA Tokens Announced

Celestia Airdrop of 20,000,000 $TIA Tokens Announced

Explore today's top crypto stories including Celestia's airdrop, Taiwan's new crypto guidelines, Ether's bullish signal, and Celsius Network's reorganization.

Sep 27, 2023
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Hi, folks! Welcome to today’s issue of Datawallet Daily. Today, we’re discussing these top stories hitting the markets:

Before jumping in, let's look at an overview of crypto market price action.

Celestia announces airdrop of 20,000,000 $TIA tokens

Celestia is making waves on crypto Twitter with its Genesis Drop, an airdrop campaign aiming to distribute 6% of its native TIA tokens. The campaign, which runs from September 26 to October 17, targets a wide audience. If you're a user of Ethereum rollups like Optimism, Arbitrum, or StarkNet, or networks like Cosmos and zkSync, you might be among the 584,232 on-chain addresses eligible for the airdrop. Of the 60 million TIA tokens up for grabs, 20 million are earmarked solely for Ethereum Rollup users.

The airdrop process is streamlined for ease. To claim your TIA tokens, you'll need a Kelpr wallet. After visiting Celestia's claim page and signing a MetaMask transaction, you can connect your Kelpr wallet. Once these steps are completed, your claim will automatically be included in the Genesis block when the mainnet goes live, and the TIA tokens will appear in your wallet.

It's worth noting that Celestia isn't just another startup; it's the leading data availability project that has already raised $56 million, according to Crunchbase. The minimum airdrop allocation for Ethereum Rollup users stands at 50.20 TIA for the top half of users, sparking widespread speculation about the potential value of TIA tokens. While US-based individuals are prohibited from participating and using tools to circumvent these restrictions could result in disqualification, the buzz surrounding Celestia's airdrop is palpable.

Taiwan releases guidelines for crypto exchanges

Today, Taiwan's financial regulator unveiled a series of directives for providers of virtual asset services (VASPs) that prioritize the safeguarding of customers. According to the Financial Supervisory Commission, domestic cryptocurrency platforms are now required to implement measures such as the segregation and safekeeping of assets belonging to both companies and customers, as well as establishing criteria for evaluating the listing and delisting of virtual assets. Additionally, the guidelines emphasize the need for enhanced transparency through improved information disclosure.

Ether flashes bullish 'DeMark' signal

Ether's (ETH) immediate outlook appears optimistic as a technical analysis tool, renowned for indicating market turning points, is showing a bullish sign. Katie Stockton, the founder of Fairlead Strategies, informed clients on Monday that the TD (Tom Demark) Sequential indicator from DeMARK Analytics has issued a counter-trend buy signal. 

This signal could potentially result in ether defending the weekly Ichimoku cloud support at $1,580, despite other studies suggesting a potential decline in price. Stockton mentioned in a client note that the daily TD Sequential indicator's counter-trend buy signal implies that support at $1,580 will likely hold, given the previous success of similar signals.

Celsius Network creditors approve reorganization plan

The proposed reorganization plan for the insolvent crypto lender Celsius has garnered approval from over 98% of creditor groups. This plan aims to provide a return on investments ranging from 67% to 85%. In addition, creditors of Celsius will also receive equity in a newly established entity referred to as "NewCo," as stated in a voting declaration submitted by restructuring agency Stretto on September 25th.

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Today's Datawallet Daily has touched on key developments shaping the crypto industry. Celestia's buzzworthy airdrop, Taiwan's new crypto regulations, Ether's optimistic technical signal, and Celsius Network's approved reorganization plan all signal significant shifts in the market. These highlights underscore the importance of staying updated for anyone invested in the fast-paced world of crypto. Don't miss out on the next big story, keep tuning in for essential insights.