Consensys challenges SEC on Ethereum security status, Stripe embraces USDC for crypto payments, whales transfer huge USDC to Coinbase.
Consensys Sues SEC Over Ether’s Security Classification

Consensys Sues SEC Over Ether’s Security Classification

Consensys challenges SEC on Ethereum security status, Stripe embraces USDC for crypto payments, whales transfer huge USDC to Coinbase.

Apr 27, 2024
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Consensys Sues SEC Over Ether’s Security Classification

Consensys, the blockchain company behind MetaMask Wallet, has sued the SEC in a Texas court, challenging the agency’s classification of Ether as a security. The lawsuit follows a Wells notice sent by the SEC indicating impending enforcement actions against Consensys. 

In the lawsuit, Consensys contends that Ether lacks the characteristics typical of a security, such as an investment in a common enterprise with expectations of profits primarily from the efforts of others. This argument highlights a contradiction with previous communications from the SEC, which had indicated that Ether might not be classified as a security and not subject to its regulatory oversight. Consensys is challenging the SEC’s recent shift in stance, which now treats Ether as a security, thereby bringing it under the agency’s regulatory purview. 

The company seeks a judicial declaration that Ether is not a security and accuses the SEC of procedural violations.

Stripe Reintroduces Crypto Payments with USDC Stablecoin

Stripe, a leading payments firm, is reintroducing cryptocurrency payments this year, focusing initially on the USDC stablecoin by Circle, supported on the Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains. This move comes six years after Stripe discontinued Bitcoin payments in 2018, citing volatility and inefficiency.

The reintroduction aims to provide a “much better experience” according to Stripe co-founder John Collison. This decision marks Stripe’s renewed commitment to crypto, leveraging improved transaction speeds and lower costs to enhance its utility as a medium of exchange.

Crypto Whales Move $1.3B USDC to Coinbase

A notable $1.3 billion transfer of USDC to Coinbase has sparked discussions among crypto analysts, who see it as a potential “giant buy signal” for Bitcoin and Ether. The sizable transfers, ranging from $150 million to $350 million each, occurred on April 25, possibly indicating impending large buy orders. 

While such movements are often interpreted as bullish signs, analysts caution that whale actions don’t always predict market trends definitively. Despite a slight decline in market sentiment, evidenced by the Fear and Greed Index, the significant fund transfer underscores ongoing investor interest in cryptocurrencies.

ViaBTC Sells ‘Epic’ First Post-Halving Sat for $2.13M

ViaBTC, a crypto mining pool, auctioned off an exceptionally rare “epic sat” from the fourth Bitcoin halving block for 33.3 BTC, equivalent to $2.13 million, on the crypto exchange CoinEx Global. This “epic sat” is one of only four existing satoshis marked by the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol as collectible due to their unique identifiers and significance within the Bitcoin network. 

The auction of this satoshi, derived from the 840,000th block which marked the reduction of mining rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC, reflects both a high level of public interest and the notable scarcity that adds to its collectible value.

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