Dymension launches with $390M airdrop, MetaMask & Robinhood partership, Heroes of Mavia hits 1M downloads, MicroStrategy's Bitcoin spree.
Dymension Mainnet Goes Live with $390M Airdrop

Dymension Mainnet Goes Live with $390M Airdrop

Feb 8, 2024
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Dymension Mainnet Goes Live with $390M Airdrop

Dymension, known for its “RollApps” chain, has officially launched its mainnet and celebrated by distributing over $390 million in DYM tokens to users of Solana, Ethereum, and other networks. This airdrop involved 700 million DYM tokens, which is 7% of the total supply, and saw the token’s value jump 58% to $5.60. 

Dymension, leveraging Cosmos technology and the IBC protocol, allows for the creation of app chains or RollApps, catering to developers. The airdrop reached over a million wallets but only about half claimed their tokens, leading to a redistribution of the unclaimed DYM.

Since going live, there has been a rush for users to stake DYM to participate in future airdrop distributions from app chains building on their RollApp infrastructure. If you received DYM and are interested in staking tokens, you can do so through their official frontend.

MetaMask Integrates Robinhood for Simplified Crypto Purchases

MetaMask has partnered with Robinhood to introduce features that simplify the process of buying cryptocurrencies. By integrating Robinhood Connect with MetaMask’s “Buy Crypto” aggregator, this collaboration aims to streamline the crypto purchasing experience for users.

Robinhood Connect allows users to buy and transfer cryptocurrencies to self-custodial wallets and dApps, while MetaMask’s platform offers access to multiple crypto providers across 189 countries, adhering to regional compliance standards. 

Lorenzo Santos from Consensys highlighted the union of Robinhood’s cost-effective trading and MetaMask’s secure web3 wallet as a strategic move to make crypto trading safer, more accessible, and affordable.

Heroes of Mavia Surpasses 1M Downloads, Launches Airdrop 

Skrice Studios’ “Heroes of Mavia,” a blockchain-based mobile game, has commenced an airdrop of its MAVIA token following the game’s impressive achievement of over 1 million downloads shortly after its launch on Apple and Android devices. Valued at $100 million, Skrice Studios is backed by prominent investors such as Binance Labs and Crypto.com Capital. 

The game, which has quickly risen to the top of free mobile game charts in regions like China and Nigeria, is distributing up to 6,250,000 MAVIA tokens, 2.5% of the total supply, to 100,000 qualifying players. This move marks a significant milestone in the quest to mainstream blockchain gaming, with “Heroes of Mavia” showing strong early signs of success in a competitive web3 gaming field. 

MicroStrategy Buys 850 Bitcoins for $37.2M in January

MicroStrategy, led by founder and chairman Michael Saylor, acquired an additional 850 Bitcoins for $37.2 million in January, bringing its total holdings to 190,000 Bitcoins. Saylor made the announcement on X and revealed plans to discuss the company’s fourth-quarter financial results. 

Bitcoin’s price fluctuated in January, reaching nearly $49,000 at one point, according to The Block’s Price Page. MicroStrategy’s move to increase its Bitcoin holdings follows a previous announcement in November about potentially raising $750 million through the sale of new Class A common stock shares, with $610 million raised by the end of December.

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