Catch up on the latest crypto news with Datawallet: Google Cloud partners with Polygon Labs, Mastercard expands crypto ties, a $2M Polygon exploit, and a record $3.4B crypto fraud penalty. Stay ahead with our top-notch crypto insights.
Google and Polygon Partnership, Mastercard News & more 💳

Google and Polygon Partnership, Mastercard News & more 💳

Catch up on the latest crypto news with Datawallet: Google Cloud partners with Polygon Labs, Mastercard expands crypto ties, a $2M Polygon exploit, and a record $3.4B crypto fraud penalty. Stay ahead with our top-notch crypto insights.

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Apr 29, 2023
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Today’s drop will cover these key daily news items:

Google Cloud x Polygon Labs

At the highly-anticipated Consensus 2023 event, the tech titans Google Cloud and Polygon Labs shook the industry with a game-changing announcement. They revealed a long-term, strategic partnership aimed at driving the widespread adoption of core Polygon protocols, such as the cutting-edge Polygon PoS, mind-boggling Polygon Supernets, and revolutionary Polygon zkEVM. 

By leveraging the unrivaled power of Google Cloud infrastructure and innovative developer tools, the dynamic duo is poised to revolutionize the Web3 landscape. Together, they will launch a series of awe-inspiring engineering and go-to-market initiatives that promise to transform the way developers build, launch, and scale their decentralized applications and Web3 products on the Polygon platform.

Revolutionizing the world of blockchain, Google Cloud is set to unleash its Blockchain Node Engine onto the thriving Polygon ecosystem. No more need for developers to endure the arduous and costly task of provisioning, maintaining, and operating their dedicated nodes as the fully-managed node hosting service takes charge. 

This latest addition to Polygon's cloud services promises to elevate the game, leaving developers free to focus on their growth strategies without sacrificing any control over where their nodes are deployed. Say goodbye to the headaches of configuring and running Polygon PoS nodes, and say hello to the new era of streamlined blockchain operations.

Polygon lending protocol 0VIX exploited for $2 million

Reports have surfaced that 0VIX, the avant-garde lending protocol operating on both Polygon and Polygon zkEVM, has fallen victim to an exploitation scheme that has drained at least a whopping $2 million. A true financial game-changer, the innovative protocol empowers users to secure loans against various stablecoins, Ethereum and Polygon derivatives, the native MATIC token, and even the prized staked token of Aavegotchi's blockchain gaming project - the coveted vGHST. 

Inspired by the iconic Tamagotchi craze of yesteryear, Aavegotchi is taking the gaming world by storm with its engaging and innovative approach to blockchain technology.

In a daring heist, the vGHST token fell prey to the cunning tactics of cybercriminals. According to Officer's Notes, an eminent security researcher, these nefarious individuals have already managed to siphon off a whopping $1.4 million in USDC and $600,000 in USDT using the bridging protocol of Stargate Finance. The cybercriminals are now attempting to funnel these ill-gotten gains back into the Ethereum network and convert the stablecoins to ETH. In response, the 0VIX team has taken swift action and suspended the lending markets temporarily while they delve deeper into the matter.

Mastercard to expand crypto card tie-ups

Amid growing scrutiny from regulators and cautious banks, Mastercard's head of crypto and blockchain has announced plans to bolster the company's cryptocurrency payment card program by seeking out more partnerships with leading crypto firms. 

Currently, Mastercard has joined forces with Binance, Nexo, and Gemini, enabling users to make payments in traditional currencies funded by their crypto holdings. Speaking to Reuters, Raj Dhamodharan noted that Mastercard is thrilled to be working with dozens of global partners who are continuing to expand their crypto card programs.

Crypto fraudster hit with $3.4 billion penalty

Mirror International Proprietary's CEO, Cornelius Johannes Steynberg, is facing the ultimate financial reckoning - a jaw-dropping $3.4 billion fine and restitution for his alleged involvement in a Bitcoin scam. This historical penalty, imposed by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, has shattered all previous records, leaving Steynberg's reputation and fortune in tatters. 

The South African businessman has been accused of masterminding a deceitful multilevel marketing scheme that conned unwitting investors out of 29,421 Bitcoins. Despite fleeing from South African authorities, Steynberg has now been apprehended in Brazil on an Interpol warrant. Will justice be served for the victims of this treacherous fraudster? Only time will tell.

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Wrapping Up

Another day, another Datawallet newsletter. We have seen the biggest penalty ever levied in the crypto space and a potentially game changing cooperation between Google and Polygon Labs. Furthermore, Mastercard is looking to expand its crypto portfolio, with Robinhood releasing an on-ramp solution for crypto customers. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our daily crypto scoop. See you next week!