Lido Claims 772,621 ARB Tokens and Voyager Customers Recover Funds

Lido Claims 772,621 ARB Tokens and Voyager Customers Recover Funds

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Today’s drop will cover these key daily news items:

  • Lido to accept ARB Aridrop
  • Voyager customers to get up to 35% return
  • Binance Australia suspends AUD fiat
  • Coinbase cloud joins Chainlink as node operator
  • Ripple rolls out CBDC platform for Central Banks, Governments

Lido to accept ARB Aridrop

Exciting news has just been released from the Arbitrum Foundation - the Lido DAO has been granted eligibility for the highly-anticipated ARB airdrop! According to the detailed documentation on this glorious event, the Lido DAO is poised to claim a whopping 772,621 ARB tokens.a

With such a magnificent opportunity at their fingertips, the ingenious minds of the Lido DAO rewards committee have come up with a proposal that is simply visionary. Their proposal covers both operational and strategic topics, all of which are geared toward maximizing the potential of the ARB tokens or any other future airdrops that come their way. Once approved, this proposal will empower the reWARDS committee to steer the continued growth of staking and the wstETH DeFi ecosystem on Arbitrum One and beyond.

Voyager customers to get up to 35% return

After receiving the green light from Judge Michael Wiles on Wednesday, May 15th, Voyager is set to take its inaugural strides towards returning a whopping $1.3 billion to its faithful customers. This liquidation plan, which was filed by Voyager on May 5th, will reimburse customers for 75.68% of the aggregate value of their claims. 

However, the estimated initial recovery rate currently stands at a modest 35%. But, there is hope on the horizon. Voyager may be able to recover more if it can successfully retrieve the $445 million in loan repayments owed to the lender by FTX before its unfortunate demise. The liquidation of Three Arrows Capital could also result in more recoveries for Voyager. Fingers crossed!

Binance Australia suspends AUD fiat

The digital currency trading platform Binance Australia has recently notified its users of the temporary suspension of Australian dollar services. Apparently, its local payment services provider Zepto has ceased its support for the exchange, forcing Binance Australia to take action. 

In a tweet posted on May 18, the exchange explained that PayID deposits were no longer possible and that bank transfer withdrawals would be affected as well. The cause of this disruption was reportedly due to a decision made by a third-party payment service provider, which is currently being investigated by Binance Australia. Rest assured, the exchange is working tirelessly to resolve this issue and will keep users informed of any updates.

Coinbase cloud joins Chainlink as node operator

Chainlink, the trailblazing provider of real-world data to blockchains, has just announced a thrilling new partnership that's sure to take the oracle network to dizzying new heights. According to a press release issued on Thursday, Coinbase Cloud – a top-tier infrastructure provider – will soon be joining the fray as a trusted node operator. 

This means that the platform will be imbued with even more capacity and security, ensuring that data requests for everything from stock prices to temperature data are met with lightning-fast response times. And Coinbase Cloud isn't alone in this endeavor – they'll be joining a prestigious roster of node operators that includes Swisscom, Deutsche Telekom, and the Associated Press. Exciting times are ahead for Chainlink and its rapidly expanding network of innovative partners!

Ripple rolls out CBDC platform for Central Banks, Governments

Ripple is paving the way for a revolutionary digital future with their central bank digital currency (CBDC) platform. With this innovative platform, central banks, governments, and financial institutions have the power to create their very own digital currency and manage the entire life cycle with ease. From minting to redemption and everything in between, the possibilities are endless. 

Not only can government institutions customize their CBDC, but financial institutions also have the opportunity to participate in inter-institutional settlement and distribution functions. And the best part? These digital currencies can even be used offline for seamless transactions. 

The platform itself is a game-changer, an enhanced version of Ripple's Private Ledger that was first introduced in 2021. It's powered by the XRP Ledger, but built on a new private ledger.

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There it is, another Datawallet newsletter, packed with interesting news. Ripple has finally rolled out their CBDC platform, meanwhile, Chinese Universities start accepting their local CBDCs. In other news, AUD fiat suspended on Binance Australia and FTX looking to make up some of the lost funds by suing Embed shareholders. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our daily crypto scoop. See you tomorrow!