Solana reveals TNSR token plans, Bitcoin approaches $74K with ETF surge, and Drake boosts Bitcoin awareness among millions.
Solana’s Tensor NFT Marketplace to Launch TNSR Token

Solana’s Tensor NFT Marketplace to Launch TNSR Token

Solana reveals TNSR token plans, Bitcoin approaches $74K with ETF surge, and Drake boosts Bitcoin awareness among millions.

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Mar 14, 2024
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Welcome to the latest edition of Datawallet Daily. As always, we have scoured Crypto Twitter and the news to bring you the top stories of the last 24 hours:

Solana’s Tensor NFT Marketplace to Launch TNSR Token

The Solana-based NFT trading platform Tensor announced plans to issue its own governance token, $TNSR, allowing holders to participate in protocol governance. Although specific details regarding the token’s release remain forthcoming, the Tensor Foundation’s announcement on X hinted at future governance by the Tensor community through $TNSR, without confirming an airdrop

This move follows a trend within the Solana ecosystem, where numerous crypto finance projects have introduced tokens to decentralize governance, enabling token holders to influence protocol direction. Token allocations often favor active protocol users, rewarding them for their engagement with potentially greater influence over decision-making processes.

Bitcoin Nears $74K with Record ETF Inflows

Bitcoin’s price climbed above $73,000, recovering from Tuesday’s losses following a significant ETF inflow of 14,706 BTC, or over $1 billion, setting a record for both dollar and Bitcoin terms since January. This resurgence, reversing a $360 million liquidation-driven decline, indicates a bullish market led by institutional investors. 

Spot Bitcoin ETFs, notably with Blackrock’s $849 million influx, surpassed previous records, pushing total inflows above $4 billion. Observers attribute the price movement to institutional buying, suggesting a strong market trend as Bitcoin approaches record highs, highlighting the significant role of ETFs in current market dynamics.

Bitcoin Fog Operator Convicted of Money Laundering

Roman Sterlingov, the operator of the crypto mixer Bitcoin Fog, was convicted by a Washington federal court jury of all four charges related to money laundering and operating an unlicensed money transmission service. Bloomberg reports that Sterlingov, 35, was found guilty after a trial that spotlighted the laundering of millions from darknet markets. 

Despite Sterlingov’s denial of involvement, evidence showed Bitcoin Fog processed $78 million from illicit sources. Crypto mixers, which obscure the origin of digital currencies, are increasingly scrutinized by U.S. lawmakers and regulators. Sterlingov faces up to 20 years in prison, highlighting the legal risks of crypto anonymity tools.

Drake Shares Saylor’s Bitcoin Video with 146M Followers

Canadian rapper Drake shared a clip on his Instagram of Michael Saylor discussing Bitcoin, reaching his 146 million followers. In the video, originally from CNBC, Saylor claims Bitcoin will outperform gold as a superior asset, emphasizing its value as a store rather than a medium of exchange. 

This move by Drake, known for his previous engagements in the crypto space, including betting on the Super Bowl with Bitcoin and endorsing the gambling site Stake, represents a significant celebrity endorsement in the current bull market. Such endorsements, which have previously influenced public interest in digital assets, may reinvigorate retail investor interest in cryptocurrencies.

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