How to Add Dymension to MetaMask

How to Add Dymension to MetaMask

This guide shows you the simple steps to add Dymension to MetaMask, unlocking a world of RollApps and blockchain innovations.

Summary: Integrating Dymension into your MetaMask wallet is made efficient and user-friendly through ChainList, a reliable resource that compiles authenticated blockchain information.

Begin by connecting your MetaMask wallet to ChainList, then search for Dymension and select 'Connect Wallet.' This simple step seamlessly integrates your wallet with Dymension's specific network settings, facilitating a smooth interaction with Dymension's Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem.

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Chainlist is an aggregator of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. It allows users to connect their MetaMask wallets to the specific Chain and Network ID, ensuring a safe connection to the correct blockchain.
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Can I Add Dymension to MetaMask?

Absolutely, Dymension can be integrated into MetaMask. Dymension's innovative framework, designed to support RollApps and an integrated Automated Market Maker (AMM), guarantees effortless synergy with the Ethereum ecosystem, which is crucial for linking with MetaMask. For the integration, it is necessary to configure MetaMask with a precise RPC (Remote Procedure Call) URL dedicated to Dymension's network, facilitating direct access and interaction.

How to Add Dymension to MetaMask

Integrating Dymension into your MetaMask wallet is essential for engaging with its dynamic, decentralized RollApps ecosystem. For a seamless configuration, entering accurate RPC details and Network ID is crucial. For this task, ChainList is an invaluable resource. It offers a straightforward way to connect with EVM-compatible networks such as Dymension, featuring an easy, single-click process to import the network's official settings directly into MetaMask.

Here's how to proceed with adding Dymension to MetaMask:

  1. Navigate to ChainList: Access the ChainList website and connect your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Locate Dymension: Utilize the search function to locate ‘Dymension Mainnet’.
  3. Initiate Addition: Select 'Add to MetaMask' next to Dymension in the search outcomes.
  4. Finalize Configuration: Adhere to the prompts provided by MetaMask to complete the addition of Dymension.

Dymension RPC Details

Ensuring the use of correct RPC settings is key for smoothly integrating Dymension Mainnet with your MetaMask wallet. For the most current and reliable information, it's recommended to consult the official Dymension documentation or utilize ChainList, a trusted platform.

Below are the required details for Dymension Mainnet:

  • Network Name: Dymension
  • Network URL: https://jsonrpc.dymension.nodestake.org
  • Chain ID: 1100
  • Currency Symbol: DYM
  • Block Explorer URL: https://dym.fyi

To guarantee a successful and secure addition of Dymension Mainnet to your MetaMask, always cross-check these settings with several reputable sources.

About Dymension

Dymension is a decentralized, Delegated Proof-of-Stake Layer 1 blockchain designed to empower the Internet of RollApps, facilitating a modular ecosystem for developers. It uniquely supports RollApps, interactive applications ranging from games to DeFi and NFT projects, by acting as a back-end coordinator within its ecosystem. Dymension ensures RollApps' security, interoperability, and liquidity through an embedded Automated Market Maker (AMM), enabling seamless integration with the crypto economy.


Bottom Line

To streamline the integration of Dymension with MetaMask, users can leverage ChainList for a straightforward network addition, ensuring access to Dymension’s diverse ecosystem of RollApps. By following these recommendations and verifying network details against reliable sources, users can confidently explore Dymension’s offerings, characterized by security, interoperability, and liquidity.

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