How to Add Scroll to MetaMask

As outlined above, the best way to add the Scroll zkEVM Pre-Alpha Testnet to your MetaMask account is through Chainlist. Chainlist currently allows users to connect to the Scroll Alpha Testnet and Scroll Pre-Alpha Testnet in a few simple steps.

  1. Visit Chainlist and connect your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Search for 'Scroll' in the 'Search Networks' bar.
  3. Find which Scroll Testnet you want to join and select 'Add to MetaMask'.
Add Scroll to MetaMask

How to Receive Testnet Scroll Tokens

Once you have connected the Scroll zkEVM testnet, you will want to get Scroll faucet tokens to test applications on the network. The best way to do this is directly through the Scroll Faucet, which allows users to request tokens every 24 hours. It is important to remember that Scroll faucet tokens do not have any real value and are for testing purposes only.

What is Scroll?

Scroll is a solution to help scale Ethereum, built using the zkRollup technology. It consists of two main components, the zkEVM which is used to verify the correctness of the EVM execution in Layer 2, and a complete Layer 2 architecture. Currently, Scroll's initial version has a centralized sequencing node and a decentralized proving network, but the sequencing nodes will be decentralized in the future. This architecture helps to increase Ethereum's scalability and can potentially reduce transaction fees.

Bottom Line

Adding Scroll zkEVM to your MetaMask wallet is a simple process that can be done through Chainlist. Once added, you can connect to the Scroll Alpha or Pre-Alpha Testnet to potentially earn airdrop eligibility and test applications on the network.