How to Add Taiko to MetaMask

The best method to add the Taiko testnet network ID and RPC information to your MetaMask Wallet is through ChainList. Their platform is the largest aggregator of EVM mainnet and testnet information, making them the easiest way to search and connect to a variety of networks.

You can follow this simple 3-step guide to connecting to Taiko via ChainList:

  1. Visit Chainlist and connect your wallet.
  2. Check the 'Include Testnets' button and then search for 'Taiko'.
  3. Select 'Add to MetaMask' beneath 'Taiko Alpha-2 Testnet' to automatically connect to the network.
Add Taiko to MetaMask

What Applications Are Live on Taiko?

According to the Taiko Showcase page on their website, there are currently only 4 dapps deployed to the network and they are Taiko Bridge, a Taiko UniSwap fork, Orbiter Finance and the Loopring Wallet.

What is Taiko?

Taiko is a project focused on creating a secure, decentralized, and permissionless Ethereum rollup. It ensures public availability of block data for post-block state reconstruction, enabling a fair and transparent block creation process. Taiko's block submission consists of two stages: block proposal and block verification.

In the proposal stage, block data is published on Ethereum, making execution deterministic. During verification, provers cannot influence block execution or post-block states, and parallel proof generation is enabled. A block is considered on-chain verified once proofs for both the block and its parent are submitted.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Taiko is an innovative project in the testnet phase, aimed at providing a secure, decentralized, and permissionless Ethereum rollup. Integrating Taiko into your MetaMask Wallet is a seamless process, thanks to the ChainList App, which streamlines the connection with its vast aggregation of EVM network data.

Although the number of dApps deployed on Taiko is limited at the moment, it is a promising platform that ensures fairness and transparency in block creation. With its two-stage block submission process, Taiko guarantees deterministic execution and on-chain verification for both the block and its parent.