Summary: Integrating Tezos into MetaMask is seamless with MetaMask Snaps, courtesy of the Tezos Wallet Snap by trilitech. This setup ensures a direct, secure link to Tezos, allowing users to interact with its on-chain ecosystem via MetaMask.

Experience Tezos’s efficient transactions, governance features, and distinctive dApp landscape, all through the secure and user-friendly interface of MetaMask.

MetaMask Snaps
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MetaMask Snaps extend the capabilities of your MetaMask wallet, allowing seamless interactions not only with Ethereum but also with non-EVM chains, thereby broadening your blockchain experience.

Supported Networks

Cosmos, Solana, Bitcoin and other non-EVM chains.

Wallet Audits

Extensive audits conducted by ConsenSys Diligence.


Free to use and compatible with all MetaMask Wallets.

Can I Add Tezos to MetaMask?

Yes, integrating Tezos into MetaMask is a simple process, facilitated by MetaMask Snaps. Begin by installing the Tezos Wallet Snap from trilitech, accessible in the MetaMask Snaps store. This integration allows your wallet to seamlessly interact with Tezos's decentralized applications (dApps), enhancing transaction efficiency and taking advantage of Tezos's secure and governance-forward blockchain architecture.

How to Add Tezos to MetaMask

Connecting Tezos to MetaMask is streamlined thanks to MetaMask Snaps, negating the need to fiddle with RPC settings and Network IDs manually. Simply head over to the Tezos Wallet section within MetaMask Snaps. Here's a succinct four-step guide to enhance your wallet with Tezos functionality:

  1. Navigate: Visit the Tezos Wallet integration page on MetaMask Snaps, ensuring your MetaMask Wallet is active and logged in.
  2. Locate: Find the 'Add to MetaMask' button, positioned at the top right corner of the interface.
  3. Activate: Click 'Add to MetaMask' to begin the integration sequence.
  4. Complete: Follow the prompts displayed in your MetaMask wallet to finalize the integration securely.
Add Tezos to MetaMask Snaps

Why Use a Snap for Tezos?

The MetaMask wallet is initially built to support Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains. A Snap like the one for Tezos extends MetaMask's functionality to interact with non-EVM blockchains. In the case of Tezos, this Snap enables your MetaMask wallet to interact with Tezos-specific dApps, particularly for signing payloads and operations. It achieves this by deriving a Tezos-compatible address using your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP).

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain that distinguishes itself through a unique on-chain governance model and a focus on formal verification, a method that mathematically proves the correctness of code. This allows for a secure, upgradable and democratic platform that can evolve without requiring hard forks. Originally rooted in a strong academic foundation, Tezos empowers individual stakeholders to influence the network's development, making it a forerunner in creating a community-driven blockchain ecosystem.

Bottom Line

In summary, adding Tezos to MetaMask through the Tezos Wallet Snap simplifies your interaction with Tezos’s decentralized apps, leveraging the blockchain's secure and governance-centric features. By utilizing the Snap, you expand your MetaMask’s capabilities into the wider blockchain ecosystem, directly engaging with Tezos's dApps for a more efficient transaction experience. This integration represents a step forward into a more diverse blockchain landscape, enhancing the utility of your MetaMask wallet.