Summary: Bridging to Manta Pacific is efficient, east and safe, thanks to its EVM compatibility. facilitates easy connections with Web3 wallets like MetaMask, enabling quick transfers of tokens such as ETH and USDC., with over $2 billion in processed transactions, is a reliable cross-chain platform for DeFi users. Its support for more than 17 networks ensures smooth asset transfers across various layer 1 and layer 2 chains, making it an effective solution for moving assets to Manta Pacific.

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5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet is a well-regarded platform offering secure and fast bridging solutions between 17 different EVM networks, backed by industry leaders and boasting user-friendly features in the DeFi space.

Supported Chains

Ethereum, Polygon, zkSync, Arbitrum, BNB Chain + 12 more.

Supported Tokens



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Can I Bridge to Manta Pacific?

Yes, you can bridge to Manta Pacific. This EVM-native layer, designed for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) applications, needs a suitable cross-chain bridge that connects with Ethereum and other Layer 2 networks. After setup, Web3 wallets like MetaMask can transfer tokens such as WETH, USDC, and USDT. Manta Pacific is known for its lower transaction costs and enhanced scalability due to the integration of Celestia and Caldera's OP Stack Rollup technology.

How to Bridge to Manta Pacific

Moving your assets to Manta Pacific is straightforward and secure using, a platform that supports over 17 EVM-compatible networks, including popular tokens like ETH and USDC. has a strong history, processing more than $2 billion for over a million users, ensuring reliable and quick digital asset transfers.

Here's how to bridge to Manta Pacific using

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Open the app and connect it to your MetaMask or another Web3 wallet.
  2. Select Networks and Token: Choose your starting network and set Manta Pacific as your destination. Then, select the token you want to bridge, such as USDC.
  3. Enter Amount and Approve: Enter the amount you'd like to transfer and approve the transaction.
  4. Complete the Transfer: Follow the instructions provided by to finish transferring your assets to Manta Pacific. Typically, your assets will arrive in under 2 minutes.

Manta Pacific Bridge Fees

When using to bridge assets to Manta Pacific, a transaction fee of 0.19% is charged. Additionally, users must account for gas fees, which fluctuate based on network activity at the time of the transaction. Generally, these fees remain low, though they can increase for larger transfers.

Given that Manta Pacific operates on networks optimized for lower fees, the total gas fees typically stay under $1. This makes a cost-effective choice for securely and efficiently moving assets to Manta Pacific.

About Manta Pacific

Manta Pacific is the first EVM-native modular execution layer designed to broaden access to zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. It offers an 80% reduction in transaction costs compared to other Layer 2 solutions by leveraging Celestia and Caldera's OP Stack Rollup for superior scalability.

The platform enables developers to create various zkApps without needing advanced cryptography skills, using its universal circuits and zk interface. With over 1.5 million Web3 users and strong transaction metrics, Manta Pacific is a cost-effective, developer-friendly, and reliable ecosystem in the ZK space.

Manta Pacific

Bottom Line

Using to bridge to Manta Pacific provides a straightforward and efficient method for transferring assets such as WETH and USDC. With its focus on reducing transaction costs by 80% and enhancing scalability through Celestia and Caldera's OP Stack Rollup, Manta Pacific offers a robust environment for zero-knowledge applications. This makes it an ideal platform for developers and users aiming for reliable, low-cost solutions in the evolving crypto landscape.