How to Bridge to Manta Pacific

How to Bridge to Manta Pacific

Learn about bridging to Manta Pacific, a cost-effective and scalable EVM-native layer for Zero-Knowledge applications.

Summary: Bridging to Manta Pacific, an EVM-native layer focused on Zero-Knowledge applications, is achievable and cost-effective. Utilizing a cross-chain bridge like Rhino.fi, which supports Ethereum and other Layer 2 networks, users can easily transfer various tokens (WETH, USDC, USDT) via Web3 wallets such as MetaMask.

Rhino.fi Overview
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Rhino.fi is a well-regarded platform offering secure and fast bridging solutions between 17 different EVM networks, backed by industry leaders and boasting user-friendly features in the DeFi space.
Supported Chains
Ethereum, Polygon, zkSync, Arbitrum, BNB Chain + 12 more.
Supported Tokens
Audited by PeckShield with an open ImmuneFi bug bounty.

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Can I Bridge to Manta Pacific?

Yes, bridging to Manta Pacific is feasible. As a specialized EVM-native layer dedicated to Zero-Knowledge (ZK) applications, it requires a compatible cross-chain bridge that connects with Ethereum and other Layer 2 networks. Once set up, Web3 wallets like MetaMask enable the transfer of various tokens such as WETH, USDC, and USDT. Manta Pacific distinguishes itself in Layer 2 for its reduced transaction costs and enhanced scalability, a benefit arising from the integration of Celestia and Caldera's OP Stack Rollup technology.

How to Bridge to Manta Pacific

For a seamless and economical asset transfer to Manta Pacific, Rhino.fi emerges as a top choice. This Layer 2 bridge is noted for its low fees and supports a wide range of tokens including WETH, USDC, and USDT, fitting perfectly with Manta Pacific's infrastructure.

Here are the steps to bridge assets to Manta Pacific:

  1. Access Bridge Interface: Navigate to Rhino.fi and connect your MetaMask or other Web3 wallets.
  2. Select Network and Token: Choose 'Ethereum' or any Layer 2 network compatible with Manta Pacific. Set 'Manta Pacific' as your destination. Pick the token you're transferring.
  3. Specify Amount and Approve: Input how many tokens you're bridging and click 'Approve'.
  4. Execute the Transfer: Follow your wallet's prompts to complete the transaction, ensuring your assets are efficiently transferred to Manta Pacific.

Manta Pacific Bridge Fees

When using Rhino.fi to bridge assets to Manta Pacific, a transaction fee of 0.19% is applied. Additionally, users need to consider the gas fees, which vary based on the network's activity at the time of the transaction. Generally, these fees remain low, although they can be higher for larger transfers.

Since Manta Pacific operates on networks designed for lower fees, the total gas fees often stay under $1. This positions Rhino.fi as an economical choice for securely and efficiently moving assets to Manta Pacific.

About Manta Pacific

Manta Pacific is the first EVM-native modular execution layer specifically designed to democratize the adoption of zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. Offering an 80% reduction in transaction costs compared to other Layer 2 solutions, it leverages Celestia and Caldera's OP Stack Rollup for exceptional scalability. 

The platform empowers developers to easily build various zkApps without the need for advanced cryptography skills, thanks to its universal circuits and zk interface. With a proven track record featuring over 1.5 million Web3 users and robust transaction metrics, Manta Pacific stands as a cost-effective, developer-friendly, and trusted ecosystem in the ZK space.

Manta Pacific

Bottom Line

In conclusion, bridging assets to Manta Pacific using Rhino.fi is a straightforward, economical process that complements the platform's commitment to cost-effectiveness and scalability. By offering a simplified bridge mechanism with low transaction fees and robust support for popular tokens, Rhino.fi enhances the accessibility of Manta Pacific's innovative EVM-native layer. This layer, dedicated to advancing zero-knowledge applications, provides a significant reduction in transaction costs and empowers developers with user-friendly tools for building zkApps.

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