How to Bridge to zkSync

How to Bridge to zkSync

A fast and safe guide to bridging to the zkSync layer 2 network on Ethereum. Get started with the popular zk-rollup in minutes.

Summary: Bridging to zkSync, the popular L2 on Ethereum, is safe and easy through trusted cross-chain platforms like Across Protocol. With this platform, users can easily connect their MetaMask or alternative Web 3 wallet to send tokens like WETH, USDC and more to zkSync.

With over $2.5 billion in volume for cross-chain transfers, Across stands out to our analysts as the most secure method for bridging to and from zkSync. They support other EVM-based chains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base and more.

Across Protocol
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Across is one of the most trusted cross-chain bridging protocols for Ethereum and Layer 2 chains. It has facilitated over $2.5 Billion in volume since its inception, highlighting its popularity among crypto-native users.
Supported Chains
Ethereum, zkSync, Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon and more.
Supported Tokens
Based by UMA's trusted Optimistic Oracle (oo).

Content Guide

Can I Bridge to zkSync?

Yes, you can bridge to zkSync, a prominent zk-technology-powered Layer 2 solution operating on the Ethereum network. This process is facilitated through secure and reliable cross-chain bridges compatible with the network. Users can conveniently link their MetaMask or other Web 3 wallets to initiate transfers of various tokens, such as WETH, USDC, USDT, and more, to zkSync from well-established networks, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, among others.

How to Bridge to zkSync

For users aiming to bridge to zkSync, opting for a trusted and audited cross-chain bridge is essential. With this in mind, we recommend using Across Protocol as a proven and secure multi-chain gateway. Our review of their platform showed that they are one of the most popular zkSync bridges by volume, and are secured by UMA’s optimistic oracle (oo) integration. This ensures not only a secure but also a fully decentralized bridge experience.

To help you get started bridging to zkSync securely, here is our simple 4-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the Across Protocol website and link your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Select zkSync as your target chain from the options available.
  3. Choose the digital currency you intend to transfer, specifying the amount accordingly.
  4. Before initiating the transfer, review all the details thoroughly and then click 'Confirm transaction'.

What are the Fees?

Bridging assets between networks using Across and zkSync is generally low-cost, with fees ranging between $5-$10. However, note that for larger bridging sizes, this cost might increase. To avoid surprises, you can use the platform's interface to quote a bridge amount and receive a fee estimate beforehand, showcasing the platforms' dedication to transparency and user convenience.

Another tip to keep fees low is by transferring assets to and from other layer 2 solutions, which are typically cheaper than transferring assets to zkSync from Ethereum mainnet. With this method, you can keep your cross-chain transfer fees to under $2 using protocols like Arbitrum and Optimism.

Is Across Safe for zkSync?

Yes, Across is a secure choice for bridging to zkSync. It is one of the highest volume bridges with over $2.5 billion in cross-chain swaps, fortified by the reliable UMA oracle. After a successful $10 million fundraising round, it enjoys the backing of prominent US-based investors such as Placeholder and Blockchain Capital, cementing its position as a trustworthy platform in the crypto space.

Across Protocol

Bottom Line

In conclusion, bridging to zkSync is indeed a viable and secure process, particularly when utilizing reliable platforms like Across Protocol. This service stands as a robust choice, given its notable transaction volume and the trust it has garnered from reputable investors. Before embarking on this process, users should familiarize themselves with a straightforward four-step guide, which includes linking a MetaMask wallet and selecting zkSync as the target chain. While the fees for bridging transactions remain reasonable, users are advised to make use of the fee estimation tool to prevent any unforeseen expenses.

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