How to Buy BRC-20 Tokens

How to Buy BRC-20 Tokens

Discover the steps to buy BRC-20 tokens, a fresh investment trend on the Bitcoin network, diverging from EVM-based assets.

Summary: BRC-20 tokens, a new class of assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, can be easily purchased through trusted platforms like Gate.io. These tokens utilize Bitcoin's Ordinals and Inscriptions technology, offering a unique investment opportunity distinct from traditional smart contract-based tokens.

Gate.io simplifies the buying process with competitive fees and a wide selection of over 30 BRC-20 tokens and 1,400 other crypto assets. This makes BRC-20s an accessible and economically efficient option for those exploring innovative cryptocurrency investments.

Best Platform for BRC-20s - Gate.io
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Gate.io is the best platform for BRC-20 tokens, offering a over 30 BRC-20 assets, minimal trading fees, and a seamless purchase process, uniquely tailored to Bitcoin layer 2 investments.
Available Countries
Over 200 supported countries.
Available Assets
1,400 cryptocurrencies and 30+ BRC-20s.
0.1% trading fees and free deposits.

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Can I Buy BRC-20 Tokens?

Yes, buying BRC-20 tokens is possible for those interested in assets built on the Bitcoin blockchain. These tokens, leveraging Ordinals and Inscriptions technology, are accessible on select crypto platforms and exchanges that handle their specific data format. Methods for buying BRC-20s include traditional banking transfers, debit cards, credit cards and swaps for other crypto assets like USDT or BTC.

How to Buy BRC-20 Tokens

Purchasing BRC-20 tokens is a smooth and secure process using a trusted exchange like Gate.io. This platform offers over 30 BRC-20 tokens, including popular options like ORDI, TRAC, DFUK, NALS, and MEME. This exchange facilitates the process by accepting fiat or Bitcoin deposits to swap for any of the tokens available on their platform.

You can follow these simple steps to begin trading on Gate.io:

  1. Account Setup: Go to the Gate.io website to register your account.
  2. Deposit: Log in and deposit Bitcoin or fiat currency using bank transfers, debit, or credit cards.
  3. Locate BRC-20 Tokens: Navigate to the trading area and explore the range of BRC-20 tokens.
  4. Purchase Process: Select your preferred BRC-20 token, decide on the Bitcoin amount for the trade, and confirm the transaction.

With its wide range of BRC-20 tokens and focus on user-centric trading experience, Gate.io is a top platform for those looking to delve into applications and altcoins on Bitcoin.

Buy BRC-20 Tokens

Fees to Purchase BRC-20s

When buying BRC-20s, being mindful of fees is crucial for optimal execution of investments and trades. Choosing centralized exchanges, such as Gate.io, for purchasing BRC-20 tokens can be significantly more cost-effective. This method avoids the high fees associated with bridging to Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions like Stacks, which often exceed $50. 

Additionally, Gate.io offers competitive trading fees, starting as low as 0.1%, along with substantial liquidity. This combination of low fees and high liquidity makes platforms like Gate.io an attractive option for those looking to invest in Bitcoin layer 2 tokens efficiently and economically.

What are BRC-20s?

BRC-20 tokens, emerging on the Bitcoin blockchain, have achieved a significant milestone with over $1.6 billion in market capitalization. Utilizing Bitcoin's Ordinals and Inscriptions, BRC-20s diverge from traditional smart contract-based tokens. They embed token information within Bitcoin's transactions, allowing satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin units, to function as tokens. This enables their tracking and transfer on the Bitcoin network.

In contrast to Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens, BRC-20s leverage Bitcoin’s scripting capabilities for a simpler implementation. This innovation has broadened Bitcoin's applications, though BRC-20s lack the complexity and integrated ecosystem of established blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum. Their growing market capitalization, however, highlights their expanding role in the cryptocurrency market.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, BRC-20 tokens represent an innovative and emerging asset class within the Bitcoin ecosystem, harnessing the potential of Ordinals and Inscriptions technology. Gate.io emerges as a user-friendly and efficient platform for purchasing these tokens, offering a diverse selection of over 30 BRC-20 tokens amidst a broader range of 1,400 cryptocurrencies. With competitive fees and a streamlined process for depositing and trading, Gate.io is a suitable choice for investors looking to explore layer 2 assets on Bitcoin.

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