How to Buy Crypto with Bank of Queensland

How to Buy Crypto with Bank of Queensland

Learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies through your Bank of Queensland account, and get insights on fees and compliance with Australian regulations.

AFSL 491139. Capital at risk. See eToro PDS and TMD.

Summary: The Bank of Queensland doesn't offer direct cryptocurrency trading via its online banking platform or mobile app. Nonetheless, bank customers can engage in the crypto market by transferring Australian Dollars to approved platforms, in compliance with rules set by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).

In our assessment, eToro is the top recommendation for Bank of Queensland clients. Adhering to Australian regulations, eToro has built a solid reputation as a reliable platform for seamless AUD transactions from Bank of Queensland accounts. Once you complete the signup process, you'll have access to a diverse range of over 3,000 financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and other investment options.

Top Crypto Platform for Bank of Queensland
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
eToro stands out as the best platform for Bank of Queensland customers due to its regulated status, competitive fees, and range of over 3,000 assets, making it a secure and cost-effective choice for trading cryptocurrencies.
Licensing & Regulation
The FCA, CySEC, ASIC and other Tier-1 Regulators.
Available Assets
70+ Cryptos and 3,000 other assets.
AUD Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card and more.

AFSL 491139. Capital at risk. See eToro PDS and TMD.

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Can I Buy Crypto with the Bank of Queensland?

Yes, you can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, various stablecoins (e.g. USDT), and numerous other digital currencies using your Bank of Queensland account or debit card. To begin, you'll need to sign up with an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that supports transactions in Australian Dollars (AUD) and accommodates your preferred payment method. Although Bank of Queensland doesn't handle crypto transactions in-house, it provides a reliable banking infrastructure that enables you to invest in digital currencies via approved external platforms.

How to Buy Crypto with Bank of Queensland

If you're keen on buying digital assets using your Bank of Queensland account, there are reliable and user-friendly options at your disposal. We recommend eToro as an ASIC-regulated platform that accepts deposits in Australian Dollars (AUD) and offers an exceptionally user-friendly experience. With eToro, you can conduct transactions directly from your Bank of Queensland banking app, utilising deposit methods such as bank transfers and debit cards. eToro provides access to over 3,000 cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and other assets.

Here's a quick 4-step guide to get you started:

  1. Register an account on eToro and complete any required verification steps.
  2. Head over to the 'Deposit' section, found at the bottom left of your user interface.
  3. Choose 'AUD' as your currency, select your desired payment option, and initiate a transfer from your Bank of Queensland account.
  4. Complete the deposit and use the search function to acquire your chosen cryptocurrency.
Buy Crypto with Bank of Queensland 

What are the Fees? 

If you're thinking of investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using your Bank of Queensland account, it's essential to know about the fees involved. These could include charges for deposits, withdrawals, trades, and price spreads.

Among platforms that sync well with Bank of Queensland, eToro stands out for its cost-effectiveness. It offers swift and affordable deposits in Australian Dollars (AUD) for Bank of Queensland customers. Moreover, eToro keeps its fees competitive with a variable 1% spread depending on the asset. This sets it apart from platforms like Coinbase, where spread fees can exceed 2%, making eToro a more economical option.

Is Bank of Queensland Crypto-Friendly? 

Bank of Queensland takes a balanced approach to its customers' engagement in the cryptocurrency sector. The bank works with platforms properly licensed and regulated by trustworthy authorities, such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and AUSTRAC. This enables Bank of Queensland clients to easily transfer Australian Dollars to these vetted platforms while complying with financial regulations to curb illegal activities.

Therefore, customers of Bank of Queensland can confidently explore the world of cryptocurrencies, knowing their investments are secure and compliant with current legal norms. This approach by the Bank of Queensland fosters a supportive environment for both crypto novices and experienced investors seeking to diversify their digital asset portfolios.

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Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, Bank of Queensland provides a sturdy and secure pathway for Australians interested in diving into the cryptocurrency market. By partnering with ASIC-regulated platforms like eToro, the bank makes it straightforward for its customers to move from traditional banking into the realm of digital asset trading. 

With reasonable fees and a user-friendly interface, investing in cryptocurrencies through your Bank of Queensland account is not just convenient, but also adheres to local legal and regulatory standards. Remember, doing your own research and being aware of fees are key to maximizing your crypto investment experience.

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