Summary: Charles Schwab does not offer direct cryptocurrency trading or Bitcoin ETFs but provides indirect investment options through ETFs and related stocks.

For those looking to invest directly in cryptocurrencies, Kraken is a secure, US-regulated alternative with a wide range of cryptocurrencies and competitive fees, making it suitable for portfolio diversification.

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Kraken stands out as the best platform for cryptocurrency trading in the USA due to its impressive combination of high security, regulatory compliance, and a diverse range of over 200 digital assets.

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Supported Assets

200+ Cryptocurrencies to trade and stake.

USD Deposit Methods

ACH Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Plaid and more.

Can I Buy Crypto with Charles Schwab?

Charles Schwab, a well-known US brokerage, does not offer direct purchasing or trading services for cryptocurrencies. However, it supports clients interested in the sector in indirect ways. Investors can look into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focusing on crypto-related companies or consider stocks of businesses involved in cryptocurrency or blockchain, such as Coinbase or Microstrategy.

For those wishing to invest directly in cryptocurrencies, they need to join a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the US that is registered with FinCEN. These platforms provide a secure environment for transactions, including USD transfers from US banks, enabling clients to buy, hold, and possibly stake various cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy Crypto with a Charles Schwab Alternative

If you're searching for an alternative to Charles Schwab for cryptocurrency investment, Kraken is a robust option. Compliant with US regulations, Kraken offers a secure trading environment. It supports over 250 cryptocurrencies, crypto staking, and has competitive fee structures. Kraken also allows easy USD deposits from US bank accounts, providing an opportunity for portfolio diversification.

Here’s how to start using Kraken with your US bank account:

  1. Account Setup: Visit Kraken’s website and create a new account.
  2. Bank Integration: Link your US bank account to Kraken for smooth and cost-effective USD transactions.
  3. Explore Options: Browse Kraken’s wide range of over 250 cryptocurrencies.
  4. Investment Execution: Select your investment amount, choose your preferred cryptocurrency, and complete your purchase.
Buy Crypto with a Charles Schwab Alternative

What are the Fees?

Understanding fees is crucial when converting USD to cryptocurrencies. These typically include costs for deposits, trading, and withdrawals. Trading fees can vary widely among exchanges, usually falling between 0.1% and 0.5%.

Kraken is noteworthy for its cost-effectiveness. It charges trading fees starting at 0.16%, making it more affordable than many other platforms. Additionally, Kraken offers free USD deposits, including ACH transfers, positioning it as an appealing option for US investors interested in cryptocurrency.

Does Charles Schwab Offer Bitcoin ETFs?

Currently, Charles Schwab does not provide access to Bitcoin ETFs. Despite significant trading volumes and growing interest following SEC approval, Schwab remains cautious. This cautious stance underscores Schwab's strategy to thoroughly evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of such investment options for its clients before offering them.

Bottom Line

While Charles Schwab does not offer direct cryptocurrency trading or access to Bitcoin ETFs, it provides indirect investment options through crypto-focused ETFs and stocks of companies involved in the sector. For direct cryptocurrency purchases, Kraken is a viable alternative, offering a secure, regulated environment with competitive fees and easy USD bank transfers. Understanding the associated fees and Schwab's cautious approach to Bitcoin ETFs is essential for informed investment decisions.