Can you Buy Crypto with Trading 212?

The short answer is no. Trading 212 suspended crypto trading and crypto CFDs on their platform in late 2021 due to a lack of regulatory clarity. The only way Trading 212 users can get exposure to the digital asset ecosystem is by investing in crypto-related stocks & ETFs like Coinbase or the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

However, this is a risky method of getting exposure to cryptocurrencies, as the price of stocks & ETFs often underperform the underlying assets like BTC and ETH.

How to Buy Crypto with a Trading 212 Alternative

As outlined earlier, our recommended alternative for investors in the UK and Europe looking to buy crypto is Uphold. Their platform offers instant and cheap Euro (EUR) and GBP deposits via bank transfer, debit card or credit card to trade & stake over 250 crypto assets with low fees. They are a safe, trusted and regulated platform that is used by over 10 million investors.

  1. Sign up with Uphold and complete your identity and KYC verification.
  2. Connect your UK or European Bank account or Debit/Credit Card to deposit funds.
  3. Search for the crypto asset you want to buy on the Uphold platform (250+ available).
  4. Input the amount of money you want to invest and select 'Buy'.
Trading 212 Alternative for Crypto

Will Trading 212 Offer Crypto?

Trading 212 is a UK-based online brokerage that offers trading in a variety of financial instruments including forex, shares, indices, commodities, and ETFs. As of 2021, Trading 212 does not offer trading in cryptocurrencies. However, the company has indicated that it plans to offer crypto trading in the future but has not provided a specific timeline. It is always best to check the company's website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Is eToro a Good Alternative?

We recommend avoiding eToro because they are an expensive exchange that charges up to 1% in fees and offers less than 70 digital assets. Uphold is the better alternative to Trading 212 because they offer more crypto assets, lower fees and cryptocurrency staking services which eToro does not currently have.

The Bottom Line

Trading 212 recently suspended crypto trading & CFD trading on their platform due to market volatility and regulatory uncertainty. As of now, users in the UK and Europe can only get exposure to cryptocurrencies by investing in crypto-related stocks & ETFs like Coinbase or the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

Our recommended alternative for investors looking to buy, sell, stake or trade digital assets is Uphold. They are a London-based, FCA-licensed exchange that offers instant deposits to trade & stake 250+ crypto assets with low fees.