Buy Crypto with MetaTrader

Buy Crypto with MetaTrader

Understanding MetaTrader for crypto trading: get insights on costs, spread rates, and cheaper alternatives.

Summary: Crypto trading is possible with MetaTrader, but it's often more expensive, with average spreads exceeding 1.5-2% on Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform Bybit, compatible with MetaTrader, offers 0 pip spreads and a low trading fee of 0.03%, making it a cost-effective alternative with over 350 crypto assets available.

While MetaTrader doesn't natively support cryptocurrency trading, it does allow trading of cryptocurrency CFDs, providing exposure to the crypto markets without the need for wallets or the associated security concerns.

Top Crypto Alternative to MetaTrader
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Bybit is the optimal platform for MetaTrader due to its seamless integration with MT4 and MT5 accounts, cost-effectiveness with zero pip spreads and a low trading fee of 0.03%, and a diverse selection of over 350 cryptocurrency assets.
Available Assets
350+ Cryptos
Platform Compatibility
MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5
Trading Fees
0.03% per trade

Content Guide

Can you Buy Crypto with MetaTrader?

Yes, trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets is possible with MetaTrader. However, it's important to note that MetaTrader doesn't facilitate the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies, but rather it supports trading of cryptocurrency CFDs (Contract For Difference). This allows for speculation on price movements without owning the underlying crypto asset. C

Consequently, MetaTrader does not directly participate in cryptocurrency transactions. It's recommended to choose a broker or trading platform that is regulated by your country's financial authority and complies with relevant laws and regulations when using MetaTrader for crypto trading.

Best Crypto Platform for MetaTrader

Emerging as the leading choice for traders, Bybit sets the standard for cryptocurrency platforms that are compatible with MetaTrader. Notably, it offers effortless integration with both MT4 and MT5 accounts, making it a preferred option for cryptocurrency trading.

Bybit stands out with its zero pip spreads, a significant feature that dramatically minimizes trading expenses. Coupled with an impressively low trading fee of just 0.03%, it offers an incredibly cost-effective solution for cryptocurrency traders. Furthermore, Bybit boasts an expansive portfolio of over 350 cryptocurrency assets to trade with up to 25x leverage on derivatives contracts.

Buy Crypto with MetaTrader

What are the Fees?

The fees for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via MetaTrader can fluctuate depending on the chosen broker. Critical expenses to take into account encompass deposit charges, withdrawal fees, spread rates, and transaction costs.

We advocate for the use of Bybit for its cost-effectiveness when interfacing with MetaTrader. Bybit stands out for its zero pip spreads and exceptionally low trading fee of 0.03%, making it a more affordable choice compared to other brokers. The main expense when trading cryptocurrencies on Bybit is the trading fee, which remains significantly lower than many other platforms known for higher charges.

Is MetaTrader Crypto-Friendly?

The MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms from MetaQuotes Software Corp. are widely used for Forex trading, but they do not natively support cryptocurrency trading. This means that they don't support the direct buying, selling, or holding of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others.

However, they do support trading of cryptocurrency CFDs (Contract For Difference). In this model, you're not actually owning the underlying cryptocurrency, but rather speculating on its price movement. This is still a popular way of gaining exposure to the crypto markets without the need for wallets or the associated security concerns.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, MetaTrader facilitates cryptocurrency trading via CFDs, albeit not directly. While it doesn't support the direct purchase, sale, or holding of cryptocurrencies, it does enable price speculation of crypto-assets. The trading fees can be high with certain brokers, often exceeding 1.5-2% on popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Among the various crypto platforms compatible with MetaTrader, Bybit emerges as a notable choice, offering zero pip spreads and a low trading fee of 0.03%. This makes Bybit an excellent, cost-effective choice for traders looking to navigate the cryptocurrency market through MetaTrader.

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