How to Bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum

How to Bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum

Find out the most effective way to bridge between Ethereum and Arbitrum, while ensuring a broad range of token support and minimal transaction costs.

Summary: For those looking to bridge assets from Ethereum to Arbitrum, Across stands as a reputable and thoroughly audited bridging solution. It seamlessly integrates with MetaMask and other Web 3 wallets, enabling the transfer of tokens such as ETH, USDT, and USDC directly to Arbitrum.

Our review revealed that Across is the most capital-efficient and safe platform for transferring assets from the Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum and other EVM-compatible Layer 2 networks. With an impressive trading volume of over $3 billion, it's fortified by UMA's optimistic oracle, ensuring security and reliability.

Best Arbitrum Bridge - Across Protocol
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Across stands out as the best platform for bridging to Arbitrum due to its capital efficiency, impressive $3 billion trading volume, and top-notch security features fortified by UMA's optimistic oracle.
Supported Chains
Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, zkSync, Optimism and more.
Supported Tokens
Backed by UMA's trusted Optimistic Oracle (oo).

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Can I Bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum? 

Yes, you can bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum using a specialized cross-chain bridge tailored for these Ethereum layer 2 solutions. These platforms allow you to integrate your MetaMask or any Web 3 compatible wallet to conduct transactions, predominantly with digital assets like WETH, USDC, WBTC, DAI, and USDT. Given that both Ethereum and Arbitrum prioritize EVM compatibility, there are trustworthy bridge solutions available that guarantee transfers are both safe and uncomplicated.

How to Bridge Between Ethereum and Arbitrum 

If you're looking to bridge your assets from Ethereum to Arbitrum, choosing a secure and audited bridge is essential for a smooth and safe transition. After thorough consideration, we highly recommend Across as the top choice for this purpose. Across has made a mark with its impeccable security history, competitive fees, and broad token support, including popular assets like WETH, USDC, and USDT. It also offers flawless integration with widely-used wallets such as MetaMask and Coinbase.

Follow this simple 4-step guide to move your assets from Ethereum to Arbitrum with ease:

  1. Visit the Across website and connect your preferred wallet.
  2. Within the platform, select 'Ethereum' as your source chain and 'Arbitrum' as your destination chain. Next, pick the specific token you wish to bridge.
  3. Input the amount of the selected token you want to transfer, and hit 'review bridge' to verify the transaction details.
  4. Follow the prompts on your wallet interface and finalize the transfer by confirming the transaction.
Bridge Between Ethereum and Arbitrum 

What are the Arbitrum Bridge Fees? 

When moving assets between Ethereum and Arbitrum via the trusted bridge, Across, users can generally expect a protocol fee ranging from 0.06% to 0.12% of the transaction amount. This pricing is notably competitive, especially compared to popular options like Synapse and Stargate Finance, which we found can charge up to 0.2% in fees and slippage.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the Ethereum gas fees. When moving assets from Ethereum to Arbitrum, the typical fee hovers around $10 at average rates. Conversely, bridging from Arbitrum's layer 2 back to Ethereum incurs a gas fee of under 1 cent, a benefit of the efficiency provided by the optimistic rollup.

Is Across Protocol Safe?

Across Protocol is a trusted choice for bridging assets between Ethereum and its layer 2 solution, Arbitrum. With a track record of over $3 billion in successful cross-chain transfers, it's a favoured bridge for these prominent platforms. Its security infrastructure is top-notch, incorporating UMA's reliable optimistic oracle for heightened safeguards.

Furthermore, Across Protocol has recently secured a $10 million investment from renowned American financial institutions, including Placeholder and Blockchain Capital. This backing boosts its trustworthiness, firmly establishing it as a dependable and esteemed bridge in the crypto space.

Bottom Line 

For individuals searching for a reliable way to bridge assets between Ethereum and Arbitrum, Across Protocol emerges as a premier option. Boasting a history of $3 billion in cross-chain volume and support from the most trusted crypto-venture firms, it provides smooth, affordable, and safe transfers. Through its integration with popular wallets like MetaMask and a commitment to transparent fee mechanisms, Across guarantees an accessible and credible asset transition between these significant platforms.

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