Gnosis Safe Explained

Gnosis Safe Explained

Explore Gnosis Safe's role in DeFi, its Smart Account technology, and how it's shaping asset management on Ethereum and EVM chains.

Summary: Gnosis Safe, established in 2018, is a leading decentralized protocol for secure asset management within the Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains. It revolutionizes asset management with its Smart Account technology, offering enhanced security through customizable controls like multi-signature transactions. Overseeing more than $39 billion in assets, the platform is a trusted pillar in the crypto community.

Its Safe Wallet seamlessly connects users to the DeFi and Web3 ecosystems, while the SAFE token airdrop furthers its transition to decentralized governance via SafeDAO. Gnosis Safe also introduces the Account Abstraction SDK, equipping developers with advanced tools for blockchain-based asset management, underlining its pivotal role in the decentralized finance landscape.

Safe (Formerly Gnosis Safe)
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Gnosis Safe, now known as Safe, is a top-tier decentralized asset management and custody protocol on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, revolutionizing digital asset ownership with its secure, user-centric system and advanced smart contract accounts.
Supported Chains
Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche + 9 more
Assets Under Custody
$39 Billion secured by Safe
Safe Accounts
1.5 million Safe accounts deployed

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What is Gnosis Safe?

Safe, initially known as Gnosis Safe, represents a forefront decentralized protocol for managing and safeguarding assets within the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem. Established in 2018, Safe has achieved notable success in overseeing billions of dollars in assets. It operates across more than 12 EVM-compatible blockchains, demonstrating its extensive reach.

One of Safe's most innovative features is its Smart Account, also referred to as a Smart Contract Account. Diverging from traditional accounts, Smart Accounts offer users the ability to set specific rules, such as requiring multiple signatures for transactions or establishing spending limits. This level of customization allows for adjustments in key management and diverse options for transaction payments. The introduction of Smart Accounts marks a paradigm shift from the conventional password or private key-based account models to a more sophisticated, customizable framework.

The platform has facilitated over 4 million transactions and currently holds over $39 billion in digital assets, underscoring its significant impact and trust in the crypto community.

Gnosis Safe Wallet

How Does Gnosis Safe Work?

Gnosis Safe is a digital asset management platform that capitalizes on the strengths of blockchain technology, primarily on the Ethereum blockchain and other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible networks.

Here's a simple overview of Gnosis Safe's functionality:

  1. Smart Contract Accounts: Utilizing smart contract accounts on the Ethereum blockchain, Gnosis Safe offers a secure and automated way to manage transactions. These contracts execute actions when predefined conditions are met, ensuring compliance and security.
  2. User-Defined Control Parameters: Users can tailor their Safe with specific control settings. Options include multi-signature requirements for transactions, spending limits, and organizational hierarchies, allowing for personalized security and operational protocols.
  3. Transaction Management and Authorization: Within Gnosis Safe, transactions are proposed and then confirmed by designated signatories. This layered approval process ensures that transactions are executed only after meeting the established security criteria.
  4. Enhanced Transaction Features: The platform supports advanced features like batching multiple transactions, scheduling future transactions, and making payments in ERC-20 tokens, adding to its efficiency and flexibility.
  5. Security and Recovery Features: Gnosis Safe prioritizes security with mechanisms for key recovery in case of loss and options for replacing compromised keys, thus safeguarding the assets against various risks.

In essence, Gnosis Safe leverages blockchain technology to provide a robust, user-focused platform for efficient and secure management of digital assets on Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains.

What is the Safe Wallet?

The Safe Wallet is a web3-friendly app that bridges the gap between users and the DeFi and Web3 ecosystem. Its design offers seamless interaction with various protocols, while promoting decentralized co-ownership. As a multi-signature platform requiring multiple private keys for transaction validation, it enhances asset security and allows for shared asset management. 

This flexibility, combined with the ability to modify account ownership, caters to evolving needs in a decentralized economy. Accessible via web and mobile platforms, the Safe Wallet not only simplifies Web3 interactions but also ensures users retain full control over their digital assets.

What is the Safe Wallet App?

SAFE Airdrop and Tokenomics

Safe recently launched an airdrop of its SAFE tokens to around 43,000 participants, marking a key phase in the transition to SafeDAO. These tokens are instrumental, granting holders voting rights in SafeDAO's governance. To protect against fraud, an effective anti-Sybil mechanism prevented nearly 2.9 million tokens from illegitimate claims.

Regarding SAFE's tokenomics, the distribution is thoughtfully allocated across various stakeholders. The breakdown is as follows: users, ecosystem contributors, and the joint treasury each receive 5% of the total tokens. The Safe Foundation is allocated 7%, while strategic partners from the 2022 funding round are assigned 8%. Core contributors and GnosisDAO, the founding entity, each receive 15%. The largest portion, 40%, goes to SafeDAO. With a total supply of 1 billion SAFE tokens, the plan is for complete vesting by 2030. This distribution strategy reflects Safe’s commitment to equitable participation and reward within its ecosystem.

SAFE Tokenomics

Gnosis Safe Account Abstraction

Gnosis Safe Account Abstraction refers to the Safe{Core} Account Abstraction SDK, an open-source, full-stack toolkit that allows developers to incorporate account abstraction functionality into their applications. This comprehensive SDK includes four key components: Protocol Kit, Auth Kit, Relay Kit, and Onramp Kit.

The Protocol Kit allows developers to create and customize smart contract accounts, ensuring secure and audited transactions, and supports batching multiple transactions simultaneously. The Auth Kit offers a straightforward onboarding process through Web3Auth, including social media or email login, even allowing users to start without a wallet. 

The Relay Kit enables a gas-less experience through Gelato, facilitates transaction fee sponsorship, and supports gas fee payment in ERC-20 tokens. Finally, the Onramp Kit provides seamless fiat on-ramping via Stripe, even allowing crypto purchases with a credit card.

Bottom Line

In summary, Gnosis Safe stands out as a pivotal innovation in digital asset management within the decentralized finance sector. Its cutting-edge Smart Account technology, combined with customizable control features and strong security protocols, firmly establishes it as a key player in the EVM ecosystem. The platform's Safe Wallet seamlessly integrates users with the DeFi and Web3 landscapes, offering a secure and intuitive interface for asset control.

The recent SAFE token airdrop and strategic token distribution reflect Safe's dedication to fostering community engagement and decentralized governance. Furthermore, the Gnosis Safe Account Abstraction SDK is a testament to the platform's commitment to enabling developers to enhance account management functionalities, underscoring Gnosis Safe's influential role in advancing decentralized asset management.

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