Radiant Capital Explained

Radiant Capital Explained

Unlock DeFi's potential with Radiant Capital - Secure, cross-chain asset lending and borrowing made easy.

Summary: ​​Radiant Capital is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol enabling cross-chain asset borrowing and earning interest. Users lock $RDNT liquidity to enable lending and borrowings, incentivized through dynamic liquidity provision. 

Radiant operates on the Arbitrum and BNB Chain networks, and plans to expand further. The protocol, trusted by over 28,000 holders, has passed rigorous security audits and boasts over $400 million in total value locked (TVL).

Radiant Capital
4.5 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Radiant Capital is a secure, decentralized finance protocol enabling cross-chain asset borrowing and earning interest, boasting over $400 million in total value locked.
Total Value Locked
Over $400 million in TVL
Supported Chains
Arbitrum and Binance
Security Audits
Blocksec, Zokyo, Peckshield, LayerZero and others

Content Guide

What is Radiant Capital?

Radiant Capital is a DeFi protocol enabling users to earn interest and borrow assets across various blockchains. It's a community-driven platform aiming to consolidate liquidity from Web3 money markets into a single, user-friendly, and efficient protocol. The platform, trusted by over 28,000 holders, ensures top-tier security through audits by leading firms.

The protocol utilizes RDNT Lockers, where users lock $RDNT liquidity to earn from interest and flash loan fees, activating lending and borrowing of RDNT emissions. Users can accumulate tokens in blue-chip assets like BTC, ETH, BNB, and stablecoins. As a fully decentralized protocol, Radiant Capital empowers its community to submit, vote on, and implement proposals, shaping the platform's future.

Radiant Capital

How Does Radiant Capital Work?

Radiant Capital is an omnichain money market, allowing users to deposit and borrow various assets across multiple chains. Radiant's cross-chain interoperability operates on Layer Zero, with v1 using Stargate Finance’s stable router interface. This allows lenders to reclaim their collateral and specify the chain and percentage for fund withdrawal. 

Radiant emphasizes core offerings resistant to oracle manipulation, backed by extensive security audits by Layer Zero & Stargate. Radiant v1 and v2 have been audited by PeckShield, Solidity, Zokyo, and Blocksec, ensuring a secure user experience.

What Chains does Radiant Support?

Radiant Capital, with its native RDNT token, currently operates on the Arbitrum and BNB Chain networks. The transition to the LayerZero OFT format in Radiant v2 enhances cross-chain operations. Plans are in place to expand to other Layer 2 networks and the Ethereum mainnet, further broadening its reach in the DeFi landscape.

Radiant Capital Staking

Radiant Capital's native utility token, $RDNT, incentivizes users to provide utility as dynamic liquidity providers (dLP). Users lock dLP tokens to activate RDNT emissions on their deposits or borrows, and share in platform fees captured in blue-chip assets. Liquidity mining involves claiming $RDNT emissions, which can be instantly zapped into locked dLP tokens or vested for three months. 

Early vesting claims incur a penalty, distributed to the Radiant DAO reserve and the Radiant Starfleet Treasury. To continue receiving platform fees, dLP tokens must be re-locked after their one to twelve-month maturity period.

Radiant Capital Staking

Is Radiant Capital Safe?

Yes, Radiant Capital is considered safe and trustworthy. The platform has successfully passed rigorous audits conducted by top-tier auditing firms such as Zokyo, Peckshield, and Blocksec. These audits ensure the robustness of the platform's security measures. Furthermore, the trust in Radiant Capital's safety and potential is reflected in the over $400 million total value locked (TVL) in the protocol. This significant TVL indicates a high level of investor confidence and trust in the platform's security and potential for yield.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Radiant Capital is a robust, secure, and efficient DeFi protocol facilitating cross-chain asset borrowing and earning interest. Its operations on the Arbitrum and BNB Chain networks, combined with planned expansions, exemplify its broad reach within the DeFi landscape. 

Users, of which there are more than 28,000, can confidently participate thanks to the protocol's stringent security measures and successful audits. Its $RDNT liquidity locking system encourages dynamic lending and borrowing, and Radiant's significant total value locked (over $400 million) attests to its value and trust within the DeFi community.

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