How to Bridge from Solana to Ethereum

As mentioned above, the best cross-chain DEX to move assets from Solana to ETH is Portal. This platform supports liquidity and migration for the widest variety of tokens to move between the Solana and Ethereum blockchains.

You can get started in minutes with this simple guide:

  1. Visit Portal and connect your Solana and Ethereum wallets.
  2. Select the token you want to bridge between SOL and ETH (USDC, USDT, WETH, DAI & more).
  3. Input the amount of tokens you want to bridge.
  4. Review and confirm your transaction. Your funds will arrive on your Ethereum wallet in under 10 minutes.
Portal - Best Solana to Ethereum Bridge.

Is Portal Bridge a Safe Solana Bridge?

Portal Bridge is the most secure bridge to migrate assets from Solana to Ethereum. That said, they have suffered a major exploit in the past which resulted in a loss of user funds that were providing liquidity. The exploit was covered the protocol's initial investors, namely Jump Crypto, which shows that there many be a back stop if this were to arise again.

If you are not confident with Portal Bridge given their history, you can try an alternative like Allbridge. They are less popular, but are one of the few platforms that offer SOL to ETH bridging.

Bridging Fees

The fees to bridge from Solana to Ethereum are quite cheap due to the throughput and low transcation model underpinning Solana. You can expect to pay around $15 USD, irrespective of bridge size, when transferring assets between chains. If you bridge from Ethereum to Solana, however, it can be slightly more expensive and averages at $25 per transaction.

Bottom Line

Cross-chain decentralised exchanges, like Portal Bridge, offer a secure and seamless way of moving your SOL tokens to the Ethereum blockchain. With Portal Bridge you can bridge USDC, USDT and WETH in a matter of minutes - all for just $15 per transaction.  If you are not confident with using Portal Bridge due to their past exploit, you can try alternative solutions like Allbridge. Regardless of which platform you use, the fees to bridge SOL to ETH are quite low and will allow you to quickly access your assets on Ethereum.