Rally in Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem as it nears $100B cap, MicroStrategy phishing scam unfolds, and Blast faces a major theft, reshaping the crypto scene.
Ethereum Ecosystem Hits New Year-to-Date Highs

Ethereum Ecosystem Hits New Year-to-Date Highs

Rally in Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem as it nears $100B cap, MicroStrategy phishing scam unfolds, and Blast faces a major theft, reshaping the crypto scene.

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Feb 27, 2024
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Welcome to the first edition of Datawallet Daily for the week. Here are the key stories that are shaping the crypto landscape over the last 24 hours:

Ethereum Ecosystem Hits New Year-to-Date Highs

The Ethereum ecosystem is experiencing a notable surge, with DeFi tokens nearing a $100B market cap for the first time in nearly 22 months. Ethereum itself has hit a new high of $3,125, marking a significant 95% rally in the last four months, fueled by anticipation of Ethereum-based ETFs in the U.S.

Ethereum’s Layer 2 solutions, like Mantle and Metis, have outperformed, with Mantle’s mETH token reaching a $1.6B market cap and Metis’s TVL soaring to $861M. Additionally, the DeFi sector’s total value locked is at a 22-month high, significantly boosted by Ethereum’s gains and the popularity of liquid staking tokens such as stETH, which alone constitutes over 30% of DeFi’s market cap. This overall bullish trend underscores the growing investor interest and technological advancements within the Ethereum ecosystem.

MicroStrategy Account Hacked, Promoting Ethereum Token Scam

MicroStrategy’s X account was compromised, promoting a phishing scam involving a non-existent Ethereum-based MSTR token airdrop. Attackers directed victims to a fraudulent website, tricking them into authorizing wallet access, leading to the theft of their assets.

The scam has already resulted in over $440,000 in losses, with a single victim losing more than $420,000. The stolen funds were linked to the PinkDrainer hacking group. Critics highlight the scam’s implausibility, noting MicroStrategy’s known Bitcoin-centric stance, making an Ethereum token launch highly unlikely.

Blast Ecosystem Hit by “RiskOnBlast” Scam, $1.3M Ether Stolen

The Blast ecosystem witnessed its first major scam as the project “RiskOnBlast” executed a rug pull, absconding with over $1.3 million worth of Ethereum collected from investors. The gambling and exchange platform had raised significant funds in a seed round, only to vanish soon after, affecting over 750 wallets. The stolen funds were dispersed across various exchanges, including ChangeNow, MEXC, and Bybit. 

Blast’s prior endorsement of the project’s potential may have misled investors into perceiving a false sense of legitimacy. This incident has sparked criticism regarding the due diligence of investments in rapidly launched projects within the crypto space.

GBTC Sees Lowest Outflows, Indicating Withdrawal Slowdown

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has recently experienced a significant decrease in outflows, indicating reduced withdrawal activity. The outflows for February have been comparatively mild, summing up to $1.8 billion, a significant drop from January’s hefty $5.64 billion in withdrawals, which included a single-day high of $640 million. 

This shift comes in the wake of the SEC’s nod to the spot Bitcoin ETF, enabling GBTC investors to directly convert and redeem their shares. Investors are also shifting towards lower-fee Bitcoin ETFs, with GBTC’s 1.5% fee being higher than competitors.

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