Add Goerli to MetaMask

Add Goerli to MetaMask

In this guide, we outline the safest and fastest way to add the Goerli Testnet to your MetaMask Wallet. Get started with the verified Chain ID and RPC information.

Summary: The Goerli Testnet can be easily added to a MetaMask Wallet by connecting to the verified Chain ID and RPC endpoints. We recommend using the ChainList app to connect directly to Goerli, because they aggregate the verified information for all Goerli Testnet deployments including Ethereum Goerli, Optimism Goerli, Arbitrum Goerli and others.

You can continue reading the guide below to get started in seconds.

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Chainlist is an aggregator of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. It allows users to connect their MetaMask wallets to the specific Chain and Network ID, ensuring a safe connection to the correct blockchain.
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100+ Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains.
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Built by the Defillama team.
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MetaMask only.

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How to Add Goerli to MetaMask

As outlined above, the best way to add any Goerli Testnet deployment (e.g Optimism, Arbitrum, METIS, etc.) is through the ChainList app. The ChainList platform is created and maintained by Defillama and are the most trusted source for EVM-chain RPC and Chain ID details.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Visit the ChainList website and connect your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Select the 'Include Testnets' checkbox.
  3. Search for "Goerli" in the 'Search Networks' tab.
  4. Find the Goerli network you want to connect to and click 'Add to MetaMask'. It will be automatically added to your wallet.
Add Goerli to MetaMask

What is Goerli?

Goerli Testnet is an Ethereum test network that allows developers and users to experiment with Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps) in a safe and cost-effective environment. It is one of several test networks available for Ethereum, along with Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Kovan.

One of the benefits of Goerli Testnet is that it uses a different set of Ether than the main Ethereum network, so developers can experiment with dApps without incurring significant costs. Additionally, Goerli Testnet supports the same programming languages and development tools as the main Ethereum network, allowing developers to easily transition their projects to the main network once they are ready.

How do I get Goerli-ETH?

LayerZero has recently created a Goerli-ETH Testnet bridge that now allows users to bridge ETH from mainnet to Goerli. The value of Goerli-ETH on the Testnet Bridge is determined by the open market, which allows for price discovery and equilibrium. Initially, the price of Goerli-ETH on the Testnet Bridge is set at $0.10, but it may fluctuate based on supply and demand.

You can bridge ETH to Goerli-ETH using the testnet bridge here.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, adding the Goerli Testnet to your MetaMask Wallet is a simple and fast process that can be done through the ChainList app. By using the Goerli Testnet, developers can experiment with Ethereum-based decentralized applications in a safe and cost-effective environment without incurring significant costs.

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