Summary: Adding the HECO Chain to your MetaMask wallet enables you to take advantage of its high-speed transactions and extensive dApp ecosystem. ChainList provides a direct and user-friendly way to connect, ensuring you get the precise Network and RPC IDs quickly. This approach guarantees a smooth and efficient setup. For the best security practices, always verify these details for accuracy.

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Chainlist is an aggregator of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. It allows users to connect their MetaMask wallets to the specific Chain and Network ID, ensuring a safe connection to the correct blockchain.

Supported Networks

100+ Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains.

Development Team

Built by the Defillama team.

Compatible Wallets

MetaMask only.

Can I Add Huobi Heco Chain to MetaMask?

Adding the Huobi HECO Chain to your MetaMask wallet is straightforward, letting you effortlessly interact with its ecosystem. Known for its EVM compatibility, efficiency, and robust security features, Huobi HECO Chain is a top choice for users seeking scalability. For the integration, you'll need the Network and Chain IDs, easily available on the HECO Chain's website or through trusted community sources.

How to Add HECO Chain to MetaMask

Adding the Huobi HECO Chain to your MetaMask wallet is straightforward with ChainList. This platform is a trusted source for blockchain network information, including the Huobi HECO Chain. It provides verified RPC and Network IDs, facilitating an easy integration of the Huobi HECO Chain into your MetaMask.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit ChainList: Navigate to the ChainList website to get started.
  2. Link MetaMask Wallet: Follow the instructions on ChainList to connect your MetaMask wallet.
  3. Find Huobi HECO Chain: Type 'Huobi HECO Chain' in the search box and select it from the dropdown list.
  4. Connect Your Wallet: Press the 'Connect Wallet' button in the Huobi HECO Chain section to finalize the setup.
Add Huobi HECO Chain to MetaMask

HECO Chain RPC Details

HECO Chain RPC DetailsBelow are the RPC details tailored for the HECO Chain, a dynamic blockchain network. For the most accurate and validated information, it's advisable to consult the official HECO Chain documentation or explore ChainList.

To ensure a secure and efficient integration of HECO Chain into your MetaMask wallet, always cross-check these details with multiple reliable sources.

What is Huobi Chain (HECO Chain)?

Huobi Chain (HECO Chain) is a blockchain platform developed by the Huobi Group, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange. HECO Chain aims to provide a high-performance blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications (dApps) and digital asset management. It uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) technology, which allows for the compatibility with Ethereum-based dApps, smart contracts, and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

HECO Chain focuses on providing a fast and secure environment for asset transfer and exchange, and also supports the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The goal of HECO Chain is to enable decentralized financial services and digital asset management for users around the world.

Bottom Line

In summary, adding HECO Chain to your MetaMask wallet is a simple task, greatly facilitated by platforms such as ChainList, which provide authenticated network details. HECO Chain stands out due to its efficiency, EVM compatibility, and its commitment to security and scalability. This makes it an attractive option for anyone aiming to expand their engagement in the Web3 space. Both developers and investors will find HECO Chain to be a secure, swift, and innovative blockchain ecosystem to explore.