How to Add Zora Network to MetaMask

How to Add Zora Network to MetaMask

Discover how to seamlessly integrate Zora Network into MetaMask, unlocking a world of NFT and media capabilities on Ethereum's Layer 2 platform.

Summary: Integrating Zora Network into your MetaMask wallet is streamlined and effortless with ChainList, a reliable source for precise blockchain network information.

Begin by connecting your MetaMask wallet to ChainList, then look for Zora Network and select 'Connect Wallet.' This step seamlessly synchronizes your wallet with Zora’s unique network settings, enabling easy access to Zora's innovative ecosystem focused on NFTs and onchain media.

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Can I Add Zora Network to MetaMask?

Absolutely, you can integrate Zora Network into your MetaMask wallet. Zora, distinguished for its decentralized content protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, enables creators to own and monetize their content directly. Leveraging Ethereum's robust security, Zora facilitates a unique digital marketplace for content trading. To incorporate Zora Network into MetaMask, specific details such as the network name and chain ID, unique to Zora, are required.

How to Add Zora Network to MetaMask

Integrating Zora Network into your MetaMask wallet is a streamlined and effective operation, crucial for facilitating direct content monetization transactions. Precise input of RPC details and Network ID is essential. For a hassle-free and dependable configuration, using ChainList is highly recommended. ChainList simplifies the connection to EVM-compatible networks like Zora Network through an effortless one-click action.

Here are the steps to add Zora Network to MetaMask:

  1. Visit ChainList: Go to the ChainList website and link your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Search for Zora Network: Utilize the search feature to locate ‘Zora Mainnet’.
  3. Click to Add: Select 'Add to MetaMask' next to Zora Network in the search results.
  4. Finalize Setup: Follow the prompts in MetaMask to complete adding the Zora Network.

Zora RPC Details

Setting up Zora Network in MetaMask requires precise RPC details for a smooth and secure connection. It's important to use reliable sources, like Zora’s official documentation, for the most accurate information. Here are the key RPC settings you need:

  • Network Name: Zora
  • Network URL: https://rpc.zora.energy
  • Chain ID: 7777777
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.zora.energy

Ensuring these details are correctly entered in your MetaMask wallet is essential for a stable and effective link to Zora Network. This allows you to fully explore and utilize the network’s unique and growing digital collectibles and art marketplace.

About Zora Network

Zora Network is a Layer 2 blockchain platform, designed primarily for NFTs, offering fast, cost-effective solutions for onchain media. With transaction confirmations in seconds and NFT minting costing less than $0.50, it's built on the Ethereum-secured, OP Stack-powered framework. While Zora developed its software, it doesn't run the network. Zora Network closely mimics Ethereum through the Bedrock release of the OP Stack, with minor operational differences, serving as a foundational platform for various NFT-focused projects.

 Zora Network

Bottom Line

In summary, adding Zora Network to your MetaMask wallet is an essential move for those wanting to tap into the specialized NFT and media capabilities of this Ethereum Layer 2 platform. By adhering to simple steps such as using ChainList and accurately entering RPC settings, users can achieve a smooth and secure integration.

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