Best Crypto Exchanges in the Czech Republic

Best Crypto Exchanges in the Czech Republic

Find out which platforms rank as the best crypto exchanges in the Czech Republic for both new and experienced investors.

Summary: For Czech Republic investors, the best approach to engaging with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lies in using trading platforms that comply with the Czech National Bank's regulatory standards and the applicable laws of the European Union. These platforms facilitate payments in Czech Koruna (CZK), accommodating preferred local methods, including bank transfers, SEPA, and credit or debit cards.

Our review of the top 5 exchanges suited for Czech investors highlights their commitment to safety and reliability. These exchanges provide a secure and informed environment for individuals in the Czech Republic keen on diving into cryptocurrencies.

  1. Bybit - Best Crypto Exchange in Czech Republic
  2. eToro - Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform
  3. Kraken - Good Choice for Institutional Investors
  4. MEXC - Best Exchange for High Leverage
  5. Gate.io - Best Exchange for Altcoins
Best Crypto Exchange in the Czech Republic
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet.
eToro is recognized as the best platform for the Czech Republic due to its wide selection of over 4,500 financial instruments, user-friendly interface, and compliance with European regulatory standards.
CZK Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card & more.
Supported Assets
4,500 Cryptos, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities and more.
Licensing & Regulation
The CySEC, FCA, FinCEN and other Tier 1 Regulators.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Czech Republic

Our detailed review of over 20 cryptocurrency platforms pinpoints the leading five for Czech investors. This analysis underscores adherence to the Czech National Bank's regulatory framework and pertinent EU directives, featuring a broad selection of digital currencies, intuitive interfaces, support for transactions in Czech Koruna (CZK), and transparent fee policies. For Czech residents in search of a platform that matches their investment needs, the succinct guide provided here is invaluable.

Trading Fees
Deposit Methods
0.01% Maker Fee and 0.06% Taker Fee
Bank Transfer, SEPA, Debit/Credit Card & More
Staking, Futures, Options, Lending & More
4,500+ (Crypto, Stocks & ETFs
0% Fees and Variable Spread (1% Average)
Bank Transfer, SEPA, Credit Card & More
Multiple Asset Classes & Most Regulated
0.016% Maker Fees and 0.026% Taker Fees
SEPA, Bank Transfer, Debit & Credit Card
Spot Trading, Futures, Staking & More
Maker Fees 0.02% and Taker Fees 0.06%
Bank Transfer & Debit or Credit Card
200X Leverage, Staking, Options & More
0.1% Maker Fees and 0.2% Taker Fees
Bank Transfer, Debit Card & Credit Card
Widest Altcoin Variety, Futures, Options & More

1. Bybit

Bybit stands out as the top cryptocurrency exchange in the Czech Republic, especially among derivatives traders. With its extensive selection of digital assets and user-focused features, Bybit is the go-to platform for beginners and institutional investors. It offers seamless and free transactions in Czech Koruna (CZK), benefiting local users notably.

The platform features over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, meeting many investment needs. It shines in futures trading with up to 25x leverage and staking options, expanding investment possibilities in the Czech market. Bybit's fee structure is competitive, with maker fees at 0.01% and taker fees at 0.06%, and its strong security measures secure its position as the preferred choice for Czech investors. With a global user base of over 10 million, Bybit is recognized for its reliable service and comprehensive selection.

  • Fees: Competitive, with maker and taker fees at 0.01% and 0.06%, respectively.
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: Wide, offering over 1,000 digital assets.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Compliant with Czech standards and regulations.
  • CZK Deposit Methods: Diverse, including bank transfers, and card payments, suited to local preferences.
Bybit Czech Republic

2. eToro

eToro earns our award as the second-best platform for cryptocurrency investments, boasting over 4,500 financial products. This includes top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, as well as coveted crypto stocks such as Coinbase. Furthermore, eToro offers exclusive access to Bitcoin ETFs from major entities like iShares by Blackrock, providing Czech investors with varied opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

Designed for a seamless user experience, eToro simplifies the deposit process in Czech Koruna (CZK), aligning with the Czech Republic's regulatory requirements. The platform supports a range of investment styles through various deposit methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and more. With its competitive fee structure and favorable spreads, eToro is a leading choice for investing in cryptocurrencies and ETFs within the market.

  • Fees: eToro employs a variable spread fee model, typically around 1%.
  • Supported Assets: Offers a broad spectrum of over 4,500 assets, including major cryptocurrencies, unique ETFs, and a wide array of stocks.
  • Regulatory & Licensing: Complies with Czech financial regulations.
  • CZK Deposit Methods: Features a variety of options such as bank transfers, debit/credit cards, catering to local preferences.

3. Kraken

Kraken secures its position as the third-best cryptocurrency exchange and the foremost choice for institutional investors. Established in 2011, it's one of the oldest platforms in the space, demonstrating a robust market presence with trading volumes exceeding $250 billion each quarter. Kraken caters to Czech investors with over 250 cryptocurrencies, including key assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as emerging tokens.

Kraken prioritizes an exceptional user experience, highlighted by top-rated mobile apps available on App Store and Google Play. It also provides staking services, enabling Czech users to earn up to 25% annual rewards (APY). Kraken Pro, tailored for high-level retail and institutional traders in the Czech market, offers advantages such as competitive spreads, enhanced liquidity, and substantial deposit capacities.

  • Fees: Maker orders at 0.16% and taker orders at 0.26%.
  • Supported Assets: Features over 250 cryptocurrencies and more than 100 markets for margin trading.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Initially focused on the U.S., Kraken complies with Czech regulatory standards and EU directives.
  • CZK Deposit Methods: Includes bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and other locally preferred payment options.


MEXC emerges as the fourth-best choice for cryptocurrency trading in the Czech Republic, presenting over 300 crypto assets and facilitating high-leverage futures trading with leverage of up to 200x. This feature particularly attracts traders seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities. With regulatory approval in Estonia and headquarters in Seychelles, MEXC meets strict regulatory standards, ensuring a secure trading environment for traders.

For Czech users, MEXC offers various services including spot and margin trading, staking, and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Its ability to process over $2 billion in daily trading volume underscores its commitment to market adaptability and user safety. MEXC's wide selection of trading instruments, attractive fee structure, and dedication to enhancing the trading experience make it a favored platform.

  • Fees: Competitive, with maker fees ranging from 0.020% to 0.060% and taker fees from 0.060% to 0.080%.
  • Supported Assets: Boasts a comprehensive selection of over 300 cryptocurrencies, including leading assets and a wide range of altcoins.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Licensed in Estonia and based in Seychelles, offering a robust regulatory environment for users.
  • CZK Deposit Methods: Provides various deposit options, including bank transfers and card payments, tailored to Czech preferences.

5. Gate.io

Gate.io holds the fifth position as a top cryptocurrency exchange in the Czech Republic, appealing to users interested in a broad spectrum of altcoins. Although it does not fall directly under Czech or European financial regulatory oversight, Gate.io is readily accessible to Czech investors, presenting an impressive selection of over 1,700 cryptocurrencies. This feature positions it as a prime choice for traders aiming to expand their crypto portfolios.

Gate.io is recognized for its substantial daily trading volume, frequently surpassing $5 billion, and serves a vast global community of over 14 million users. Its international popularity is further enhanced by automated trading bots and a special segment for new crypto projects, providing unique investment opportunities through exclusive trading events and competitions.

  • Fees: Gate.io maintains competitive fees, with maker orders starting at 0.1% and taker orders at 0.2%.
  • Supported Assets: Features an extensive lineup of over 1,700 digital currencies.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Operates from the Seychelles, serving Czech investors without specific local regulatory constraints.
  • CZK Deposit Methods: Includes various deposit methods, accommodating Czech preferences with options like bank transfers and card payments.

Is Crypto Regulated in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic's approach to cryptocurrency regulation is pragmatic, classifying these digital assets as commodities, not legal currency. This classification allows for using cryptocurrencies in transactions without granting them official payment status. ICOs are regulated under EU AML directives, with the Czech National Bank enabling banks to offer crypto-related services, provided they comply with AML and KYC requirements. This framework allows for cryptocurrency activities, reflecting a regulatory environment that is open yet cautious.

The country has implemented stricter AML regulations than the EU's AMLD5, requiring a broader array of crypto businesses to register and comply or face significant fines. Registering a cryptocurrency exchange includes several meticulous steps, from business name verification to operational preparedness, emphasizing the Czech Republic's detailed approach to crypto regulation. 

By categorizing licenses based on the type of crypto activity, the Czech Republic demonstrates a comprehensive and methodical approach to managing the cryptocurrency market.

How is Crypto Taxed in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, cryptocurrency tax regulations are enforced by the Czech Tax Authority, with different rates for individuals and businesses. Individuals trading in cryptocurrencies are taxed at a 15% rate, while businesses face a 19% tax burden. Cryptocurrency transactions for goods and services are taxed similarly to those with traditional currencies, promoting fairness in taxation.

The Czech Tax Authority applies a 15% tax on profits from cryptocurrency sales for individuals, aligning with the tax treatment for foreign currency trades. Businesses involved in cryptocurrency, including trading and mining, are taxed at 19% and must contribute to the Social and Health Funds. The Tax Authority emphasizes the importance of compliance with tax laws to avoid evasion. 

Cryptocurrency transactions are generally not subject to VAT, but in cases where suppliers do not pay VAT, the Tax Authority may seek VAT payments from the buyers, underscoring the emphasis on transparency and adherence to tax regulations in the cryptocurrency domain.

Bottom Line

In summary, the Czech Republic presents a well-regulated and vibrant platform for cryptocurrency investments, aligning with both Czech and EU regulations. This guide highlights the top exchanges like Bybit, eToro, Kraken, MEXC, and Gate.io, tailored for Czech investors with a focus on digital currency variety, ease of use, and transparent fees. 

These platforms excel in security, reliability, and global market access, catering to the diverse preferences of Czech investors. From beginners to institutional investors, the Czech crypto market offers strong avenues for engaging with digital currencies, supported by a clear regulatory framework and advantageous tax policies, making it an attractive environment for crypto activities.

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