Bitcoin Treasuries

Bitcoin Treasuries

Explore top companies and governments actively investing in Bitcoin, and analyze the strategic role the US is playing in this sphere.

Summary: MicroStrategy leads as the top private holder with a substantial stash of 152,800 Bitcoin, while the USA solidifies its position as the top country in Bitcoin possession, accounting for a remarkable 207,189 Bitcoin in total. Get an in-depth analysis of these holdings and what it signifies in the global crypto landscape in this post.

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Bitcoin Treasury Holdings

In recent years, a growing number of established companies have turned their attention towards the potential of Bitcoin as a form of treasury reserve asset. Diversifying their holdings to include this prominent cryptocurrency not only underscores a forward-thinking approach but also potentially brings substantial value growth. 

Here, we present a comprehensive insight into the corporate landscape of Bitcoin treasury holdings, showcasing the entities that have embraced the promising avenue of digital asset investment.

# Company Name Symbol Country Total Bitcoin Cost Basis % of Bitcoin Supply
1 MicroStrategy Inc. NASDAQ:MSTR US 152,800 $4,127,000,000 0.728%
2 Marathon Digital Holdings NASDAQ:MARA US 12,964 $189,087,000 0.062%
3 Galaxy Digital Holdings TSE:GLXY US 12,545 - 0.06%
4 Coinbase Global, Inc NASDAQ:COIN US 10,766 $207,783,800 0.051%
5 Tesla, Inc. NASDAQ:TSLA US 10,500 $336,000,000 0.05%
6 Hut 8 Mining Corp NASDAQ:HUT CA 9,315 - 0.044%
7 Block Inc. NYSE:SQ US 8,027 $220,000,000 0.038%
8 Riot Platforms, Inc NASDAQ:RIOT US 7,094 - 0.034%
9 Hive Blockchain NASDAQ:HIVE CA 2,332 - 0.011%
10 NEXON Co Ltd TYO:3659 JP 1,717 $99,974,042 0.008%
11 Voyager Digital LTD CSE:VYGR CA 1,239 $7,927,182 0.006%
12 Aker ASA (Seetee AS) OL:AKER NO 1,170 $58,599,450 0.006%
13 Meitu HKG:1357 HK 941 $49,500,000 0.004%
14 Coin Citadel Inc OTCMKTS:CCTL US 513 $184,390 0.002%
15 Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG ABT:GR DE 254 $2,117,978 0.001%

Country Treasuries Holding Bitcoin

Following the trend set by visionary corporations, an increasing number of sovereign countries are also recognizing the potential advantages of integrating Bitcoin into their national treasuries. This strategic move marks a significant shift in the global financial paradigm, with countries eyeing opportunities for economic growth and diversification from US government debt and equivalent instruments. 

Here is a list of the top 5 countries holding Bitcoin due to either BTC seizures from criminals (e.g. USA) or legitimate diversifying strategies like El Salvador spearheaded by progressive President Nayib Bukele.

Country Total Bitcoin Cost Basis % of Bitcoin Supply
USA 207,189 N/A 0.987%
China 194,000 N/A 0.924%
Ukraine (govt) 46,351 N/A 0.221%
El Salvador 2,381 $108,000,000 0.011%
Finland 1,981 N/A 0.009%

What Government Owns the Most Bitcoin?

Currently leading the pack in Bitcoin ownership is the United States, possessing a staggering hoard of 207,189 BTC, a substantial majority of which was seized during the infamous Silk Road case. In stark contrast, El Salvador, under the proactive leadership of President Nayib Bukele, has consciously integrated Bitcoin into their economic framework, actively acquiring a noteworthy sum of 2,381 BTC as a cornerstone of their diversification strategy. This marks a significant stride in El Salvador's commitment to fostering innovation and adaptability in the financial sector.

Bottom Line

In this analysis, we have delved deep into the significant acquisitions of Bitcoin by various companies globally. Leading the pack is MicroStrategy Inc., holding a substantial portion of the Bitcoin supply among the listed entities. The United States emerges as a dominant player with several firms actively investing in this digital asset. As you consider these insights, it's essential to weigh the investment strategies and market positions of these corporations in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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