Buy Crypto with Axis Bank

Buy Crypto with Axis Bank

Axis Bank enables secure cryptocurrency purchases. Uncover the steps, payment options, and costs associated with this process.

Summary: At present, Axis Bank does not provide integrated banking solutions that empower customers to directly purchase and sell digital currencies through its online banking platform. Therefore, investors are required to register with an exchange regulated by the Reserve Bank of India that permits INR transfers from their accounts for the acquisition of cryptocurrencies.

From our comprehensive review of over 20 accredited exchanges, Binance emerges as our primary recommendation. Binance is among the most secure trading platforms in India, offering swift and economical INR deposits from Axis Bank accounts or Axis credit cards to trade over 350 digital assets with industry-leading fees and liquidity.

Top Crypto Platform for Axis Bank
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet.
Binance stands out as the optimal platform for Axis Bank due to its vast portfolio of digital assets, globally acknowledged security standards, and competitive, cost-efficient fee structure.
Available Assets
350+ Crypto assets
Deposit Methods (INR)
Bank Transfer, UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card and more
Licensing and Regulation
Licensed by 20+ International Financial Authorities

Content Guide

Can I Buy Crypto with Axis Bank?

Yes, purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins, and other digital currencies is achievable using Axis Bank. You can initiate a transfer in Indian Rupees (INR) from your Axis Bank account or Axis Card to an approved cryptocurrency trading platform in India. Valid payment methods include bank transfers, Axis credit or debit cards, and UPI deposits. Investors must sign up with a regulated cryptocurrency platform that is supervised by the Reserve Bank of India, or a comparable financial authority, and conforms to the regulatory frameworks.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Axis Bank

The most secure method to invest into digital assets like Bitcoin using Axis Bank is through a regulated digital asset exchange. A platform that is globally recognized for its trustworthiness and security is Binance, featuring an impressive portfolio of over 350 digital assets. This exchange facilitates various INR deposit methods from Axis net banking including Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and more.

Here's a straightforward guide to get you started:

  1. Navigate to Binance and establish your account.
  2. Opt for the 'Buy Crypto' option in your navigation menu.
  3. Select 'INR' as your currency and detail your chosen payment method (e.g., Bank Transfer) to send funds from Axis Bank.
  4. After the successful deposit, proceed to the trading section, utilize the search function to find and purchase your desired token.
Buy Crypto Axis Bank

What are the Fees?

The expenses associated with purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via an Axis Bank account can vary based on the chosen crypto exchange. The primary costs you should consider include deposit fees, withdrawal charges, spread rates, and trading fees.

We advocate for Binance as the most cost-efficient option for Axis Bank customers, as it provides free INR deposits and competitive trading fees. The principal cost when investing in cryptocurrencies on Binance is a trading fee, usually under 0.1% per transaction, rendering it more cost-effective compared to other platforms like CoinDCX, known for levying fees considerably higher, often exceeding 1% per transaction.

Is Axis Bank Crypto-Friendly? 

Axis Bank has demonstrated its support for customers' cryptocurrency activities by approving transactions with authorized external trading platforms that abide by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) rules. This approach allows Axis Bank's customers to make INR transfers from their accounts to platforms meeting national regulations and norms designed to combat financial wrongdoings such as fraud and money laundering.

Hence, when dealing with these compliant platforms, patrons of Axis Bank can comfortably venture into cryptocurrency investments, knowing that their investments are not only safe but also fully in line with all necessary legal provisions.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Axis Bank supports and facilitates cryptocurrency purchases, allowing customers to seamlessly transfer Indian Rupees to regulated digital asset platforms like Binance. A broad range of payment methods, including bank transfers, debit/credit card transactions, and UPI deposits, are accepted. 

Binance comes highly recommended due to its diverse portfolio of digital assets, solid reputation for security, and cost-effective fee structure. Axis Bank's proactive stance on cryptocurrency transactions signifies its commitment to customer needs while strictly abiding by RBI regulations, ensuring a safe and legal environment for crypto investments.

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