Can I Buy Crypto with BNP Paribas?

Yes, although not directly. Investors will need to use an ESMA-registered European exchange that permits SEPA transfers from BNP Paribas accounts. Many accept BNP Paribas Credit/Debit Cards for deposits. BNP Paribas doesn't facilitate direct cryptocurrency transactions, which is why a regulated exchange is needed for secure trading with ensured consumer protection.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with BNP Paribas

As stated earlier, the most secure and straightforward method to buy cryptocurrencies with a BNP Paribas account is via a regulated external broker. This allows investors to safely deposit EUR from their BNP Paribas account using SEPA Bank Transfer, BNP Paribas Credit or Debit Card, among other methods. For a quick start, we recommend eToro for its BNP Paribas compatibility, regulatory compliance, and competitive fees.

Here's a concise guide to buying crypto with a BNP Paribas account on eToro:

  1. Navigate to eToro's site, sign up and verify your identity.
  2. Choose the 'Deposit Funds' button located on the lower left of your screen.
  3. Indicate the amount of EUR you wish to deposit and your favored deposit method (e.g., BNP Paribas SEPA Transfer or Debit/Credit Card).
  4. Complete the EUR deposit and utilize the funds credited to your account to invest in cryptocurrencies.
Buying Cryptos with BNP Paribas

What are the Fees?

Charges associated with cryptocurrency investments vary depending on the chosen digital asset exchange. Luckily, eToro is a cost-effective option for investors due to its zero deposit or trading charges for buying or selling more than 70 crypto assets on its platform. eToro only applies a 0.5% spread fee on their prices, a rate that is competitively lower compared to other exchanges.

Compared with well-known platforms such as Kraken or Coinbase, we discovered that they impose higher charges, including a 1% spread fee plus an additional 1% trading fee, culminating in a 2% transaction cost per trade.

Is BNP Paribas Crypto-Friendly?

BNP Paribas is a crypto-supportive bank that backs its clients' enthusiasm for cryptocurrency investments. They permit customers to deposit and withdraw funds from ESMA-registered and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges functioning within Europe.

Although BNP Paribas does not provide direct crypto services, they acknowledge the significance of granting customers access to regulated and licensed exchanges. In doing so, they guarantee that their customers have a safe and secure method to invest in cryptocurrencies while adhering to regulatory mandates.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while BNP Paribas does not offer direct cryptocurrency investment services, it supports its customers' interest in crypto assets by allowing transactions through regulated exchanges like eToro. eToro's ESMA license, competitive fees, and BNP Paribas compatibility make it an ideal choice for European investors to buy and trade cryptocurrencies securely. 

By utilizing eToro or other ESMA-registered exchanges, BNP Paribas customers can confidently invest in the ever-evolving world of digital assets, knowing they are adhering to regulatory standards and prioritizing security.