How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Paysera

The best way to buy cryptocurrencies with Paysera is through a regulated exchange that supports online banking deposits. Based on our research, we found that Uphold was the top platform for Paysera deposits because they support instant deposits via SEPA Transfer to trade and stake the widest variety of crypto assets.

Here is a simple guide to getting started:

  1. Create a free account on Uphold with your email and complete the verification requirements.
  2. Connect your Paysera account by selecting the 'EUR' button on your dashboard.
  3. You can then select the 'connect bank' button to link your Paysera account to Uphold and find deposit details for a SEPA transfer.
  4. Once your funds land (1-2 days), you can then find the cryptocurrency you want to buy and execute your trade.
Buy Crypto with a Paysera account

What is Paysera's Cryptocurrency Policy?

Paysera is a crypto-friendly online bank that allows its customers to transfer funds to licensed and regulated exchange in the European Union (EU) or in the UK. This is why we recommend a trusted broker like Uphold that holds an active license in the region and has a company headquartered in London.

What are the Fees to Buy Crypto?

Paysera does not charge any fees for transferring funds to a regulated exchange. However, many exchanges will charge their own fees when you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Uphold is one of the few that offer zero-fee trades on crypto assets when using a SEPA Transfer. We compared other popular platforms like eToro and Coinbase and found that they charge in excess of 1-2% depending on their spread & your trading volume.

Bottom Line

Paysera is a crypto-friendly online banking provider that allows users to easily deposit funds to an exchange. Uphold was the best platform for Paysera deposits because they offer instant and free SEPA Transfers from all European banks to trade over 250 crypto assets with zero fees.