Summary: Xai, a layer 3 blockchain built on Arbitrum, revolutionizes blockchain gaming by eliminating high gas fees, ensuring network reliability, and simplifying wallet integration. Its robust architecture and support for creative game design offer a seamless, secure, and decentralized gaming experience, setting the stage for innovative and engaging web3 games.

What is Xai?

Xai is a layer 3 blockchain that supports real economies and trade within video games. Created by Offchain Labs with Arbitrum technology, Xai empowers gamers to own and trade in-game items without using crypto wallets. Users can operate nodes to support the network, earn rewards, and take part in governance, fostering a decentralized and transparent gaming ecosystem.

Xai leverages Ethereum’s security while offering an easy wallet experience, higher gas and contract limits, and a fully decentralized environment. The Xai Foundation drives ecosystem growth by attracting developers, providing marketing support, and financing web3 game projects. The Xai token acts as both a gas token and the primary currency for games and in-game items, enabling smooth transactions and rewarding validators.

Games Building on Xai

Xai is transforming blockchain gaming with an array of innovative games, each harnessing its advanced technology:

  • Final Form: A strategic card game where players engage in evolutionary battles to outperform their rivals.
  • LAMOverse: A dynamic game set in a chaotic, destructible environment, focusing on survival and adaptability.
  • Carnivale: An immersive open-world game in a futuristic setting, where controlling information is key to gameplay.
  • Tarochi: An RPG that involves exploring a vast world, capturing and leveling up monsters, ideal for adventure and strategy fans.
  • Kashi: Set in an origami-themed universe, this puzzle game features a paper hero navigating through intricate, folded dimensions.

These games showcase Xai's commitment to providing diverse and engaging experiences, appealing to both traditional and blockchain gamers.

What Problem Does Xai Solve?

Xai tackles key challenges in blockchain gaming, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

  • No More High Gas Fees: Xai uses a gas subsidy contract to cover gas fees, so players don't have to worry about extra costs, making gaming more affordable.
  • Reliable Network: Xai's robust architecture ensures stable and smooth gameplay, reducing downtime and congestion for a better gaming experience.
  • Creative Game Design: Xai encourages developers to focus on fun and engaging game designs, rather than just token rewards, leading to more diverse and enjoyable games.
  • Easy Wallet Integration: Xai simplifies wallet management by handling it behind the scenes, making it easier for players to start and enjoy their games without dealing with complex crypto wallets.

By addressing these challenges, Xai makes blockchain gaming more accessible, fosters creativity, and ensures a seamless experience for players.

What are Xai Sentry Nodes?

Sentry Nodes are specialized nodes within the Xai blockchain network that play a vital role in ensuring the security and reliability of the system. Their primary function is to monitor the Xai rollup protocol for any incorrect or malicious blocks and raise alerts if such issues are detected, allowing the community to intervene and maintain the network's integrity.

  • Monitoring and Alerts: Sentry Nodes continuously observe the network for any discrepancies in block proposals. If an incorrect block is proposed, they alert the community, enabling timely corrective actions to prevent potential fraud or errors.
  • Device Compatibility: These nodes can be operated on a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, and cloud instances, making them accessible to a broad range of users.
  • Rewards System: Operators of Sentry Nodes earn esXAI tokens as rewards. The reward mechanism is based on a probabilistic algorithm that can be enhanced by staking additional esXAI tokens.
  • Verification Role: Sentry Nodes collaborate with a Referee contract to verify the correctness of block assertions. This ensures that only valid blocks are added to the blockchain, maintaining the network's integrity.

By deploying Sentry Nodes, the Xai network enhances its security framework, providing a robust defense against fraudulent activities and ensuring a trustworthy environment for all participants.

Xai Tokenomics

Xai's tokenomics are designed to support and stabilize its blockchain gaming platform, ensuring a well-balanced ecosystem for users and developers.

  • XAI Token Utility and Purpose: XAI, the primary token for gas fees on Xai's Layer 3 blockchain, is fully transferable. This design facilitates smooth transactions within the ecosystem, aligning with the utility standards of established blockchain layers.
  • esXAI Token Utility and Purpose: esXAI, a non-transferable staking token, offers various benefits such as increased yields, access to special events and NFTs, and governance participation in DAO/Foundation. This incentivizes long-term engagement within the Xai network.
  • The Redemption Process: Conversion between XAI and esXAI is available in both directions, with a conversion ratio encouraging longer-term holding. This strategic approach aids in maintaining the ecosystem's economic balance.
  • Initial Allocation of XAI: XAI tokens are distributed among the core team, investors, and the ecosystem, with each segment having a specific post-TGE unlocking schedule. This controlled release strategy ensures a gradual introduction of tokens to the market.
  • Emissions and Burning Mechanism: Xai employs a dynamic supply mechanism for XAI and esXAI, including a burning process through gas fees and redemption, effectively managing the token supply for network sustainability.
  • Role of Sentry Nodes: Essential for network integrity, Sentry nodes are incentivized with esXAI rewards, with increased probabilities through staking esXAI, promoting active network support.

Xai's tokenomics reflect a comprehensive strategy, balancing utility, rewards, and governance to foster a sustainable, growth-oriented blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Bottom Line

Xai is revolutionizing blockchain gaming by making it more accessible and secure. With a robust architecture, seamless wallet integration, and innovative game designs, Xai offers a user-friendly platform for gamers and developers. Its unique features, like gas subsidies and Sentry Nodes, ensure smooth gameplay and network integrity. By addressing common blockchain gaming challenges, Xai paves the way for a new era of decentralized, engaging, and reliable gaming experiences.