Summary: GCR (@GiganticRebirth) is an anonymous crypto trader known for his precise market predictions and contrarian strategies. He gained fame on Crypto Twitter and was the top trader on FTX, predicting the 2021 crypto peak and profiting significantly from shorting Terra Luna.

With an estimated net worth of $398 million, GCR's rise from a $1,000 start showcases his expertise in market dynamics and strategic trading, making him a leading figure in the crypto community.

Who is GCR?

GCR, or "Gigantic-Cassocked-Rebirth," is a prominent and anonymous crypto trader known for his accurate market predictions and contrarian strategies. He gained fame on Crypto Twitter and was a top trader on the FTX exchange before its collapse. GCR successfully predicted the 2021 crypto peak and profited over $6 million from shorting the Terra Luna crash.

GCR’s trading strategy focuses on contrarianism and exploiting reflexive market dynamics. Inspired by George Soros, GCR takes substantial non-consensus positions to capitalize on market inefficiencies. Despite his active trading, GCR remains fundamentally bullish on the crypto market, advocating for long-term investments in Bitcoin and Ether for most investors.

Who is GCR?

GCR’s Background

GCR's identity and full professional background remain largely unknown. He began his crypto journey with a modest $1,000, initially gaining prominence through political forecasting and sports betting.

GCR is recognized for his contrarian views and meticulous research, allowing him to accurately predict market movements and secure profitable trades. His ability to consistently outperform the market has cemented his reputation as a leading figure in the crypto trading community.

What is GCR’s Net Worth?

GCR's net worth is estimated to be around $398 million. This estimation comes from his recent tweet, which mentioned keeping 10% or less of his net worth as collateral on centralized exchanges. 

Recently, GCR withdrew $39.8 million USDT from Binance, which implies that this amount represents only a fraction of his total assets. You can verify this transaction on GCR's crypto wallet address.

GCR’s Net Worth

GCR vs LUNA and Do Kwon

GCR famously bet against Do Kwon and the Terra Luna project, making headlines in the crypto community. In March 2022, GCR publicly challenged Do Kwon with a $10 million bet that the price of Luna would decline within a year. He complemented this high-profile wager with substantial short positions on Luna through derivatives on FTX. 

As Luna's value plummeted to near zero, GCR's bet paid off significantly, netting him millions in profits. This bold move not only showcased GCR's contrarian approach but also highlighted his ability to identify and capitalize on market vulnerabilities.

GCR vs LUNA and Do Kwon

GCR Crypto Twitter Account

GCR's Twitter presence originally began with the handle @GiganticRebirth on X (formerly Twitter) until his account was compromised through internal social engineering. He then switched to @GCRClassic but has since regained control of his original account. 

Though he tweets infrequently, GCR remains a notable figure in the crypto community. Recently, he attempted to wager $100 million against Martin Shkreli to prove the fraudulent nature of a newly created Donald Trump token on Solana.

Bottom Line

GCR, known for his anonymity and exceptional trading skills, has significantly impacted the crypto world with his accurate market predictions and strategic contrarian positions. With a net worth estimated at $398 million, he has achieved substantial profits, notably from shorting Terra Luna. His journey from a $1,000 start to becoming a top trader exemplifies his rigorous research and strategic prowess in navigating the crypto markets.