Summary: To incorporate Manta Network into your MetaMask wallet, it is recommended for users to employ ChainList, a dependable tool that assists in establishing links to verified EVM blockchain network details. To initiate this, simply synchronize your MetaMask with ChainList, select Manta Network from the search menu, and click 'Connect Wallet' for a seamless setup.

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Chainlist is an aggregator of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. It allows users to connect their MetaMask wallets to the specific Chain and Network ID, ensuring a safe connection to the correct blockchain.

Supported Networks

100+ Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains.

Development Team

Built by the Defillama team.

Compatible Wallets

MetaMask only.

Can I Add Manta Network to MetaMask?

Yes, Manta Network is designed as an EVM-compatible modular layer-2 platform optimized for privacy-preserving applications, and it integrates smoothly with MetaMask. Thanks to its architecture that accommodates Solidity-based projects, connecting it to MetaMask is quite straightforward. This involves setting up a custom RPC URL to link MetaMask with the Manta Network, ensuring a seamless integration process.

How to Add Manta Network to MetaMask

Adding Manta Pacific's zkEVM to MetaMask involves just a few steps, focusing on entering the right RPC details and Network ID into your wallet's settings. For a simple setup, using a network aggregator like ChainList is advisable. It simplifies finding and linking to any approved EVM-compatible chain, whether it's a mainnet or testnet, with a straightforward click.

Follow this easy 4-step guide to get started:

  1. Visit ChainList: Head over to the ChainList site and link your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Search for Manta: Type 'Manta' in the search bar at the top.
  3. Select Manta Network: Look for Manta Network in the displayed list and choose 'Add to MetaMask'.
  4. Complete the Setup: Follow your MetaMask wallet's instructions to finalize the connection safely.
Add Manta Network to MetaMask

Manta (Manta Pacific Mainnet) RPC Details

Here are the RPC details precisely tailored for the Manta Pacific Mainnet. To ascertain the utmost reliability and accuracy in the information, it's recommended to consult the official Manta documentation or employ ChainList for guidance.

Please note, to secure a smooth and secure integration of the Manta Pacific Mainnet into your MetaMask wallet, it's encouraged to verify the details through multiple trustworthy sources.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is a pioneering blockchain ecosystem focused on fostering privacy-centric decentralized applications (dApps) and cryptocurrencies. Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-proofs), it facilitates a secure and scalable environment for the development of dApps with robust privacy features. 

The platform boasts low transaction fees and high scalability due to its modular infrastructure, fostering a thriving ecosystem that spans DeFi, gaming, and social applications. With innovative tools like Universal Circuits and zkSBTs, Manta Network is setting new standards in online identity management, offering non-intrusive compliance and on-chain KYC verification, thereby nurturing a trustless and decentralized approach to identity verification and transaction privacy.

Manta Network

Bottom Line

In summary, integrating Manta Network with MetaMask is a straightforward process that enhances your wallet with privacy-focused, EVM-compatible capabilities. By following a simple four-step guide, using ChainList for easy connection, and applying accurate RPC details from reliable sources, you ensure a seamless and secure setup.