How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Monese Bank

The fastest and simplest way to buy cryptocurrencies with Monese bank is through Uphold. Uphold accepts multiple free deposit methods for Monese Bank account holders including Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, SEPA, Apple Pay & Google Pay. Here are some simple steps to get started:

  1. Sign up Uphold with your email address and complete the verification requirements.
  2. Connect your Monese Bank account or card to Uphold by selecting the 'GBP' or 'EUR' button on your dashboard.
  3. You can then select the 'connect bank' button to link your Monese account to Uphold.
  4. Find the cryptocurrency you want to buy and execute your trade.
How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Monese Bank.

Is it expensive to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Something to consider when investing in digital assets is the investing fees that are charged by the exchange. You need to be careful and aware of any hidden fees.

In saying that Uphold is upfront about the fees it charges. There are zero fees to deposit or withdraw funds from the platform. However, theres a small charge of 0.9% - 1.2% in trading fees, these figures vary depending on the asset.

Uphold: Fees Schedule.

Can I buy Crypto on Monese?

Unfortunately not, Monese Bank does not currently provide any cryptocurrency investing features through its online platform. However, the UK bank is "exploring offering new crypto products" and is "in talks with crypto exchanges over potential partnerships", according to The Block's 2021 report. Furthermore, there is nothing in Monese Banks policies that restrict its users from investing in digital assets with their bank accounts.

What is Monese Bank?

Monese is a neo (digital) bank that offers banking services to those who may not have access to traditional banks. They provide an app-based current account with a contactless debit card, international money transfers, and the ability to open multiple accounts in various currencies.

Monese Bank

Founded in 2013, Monese has quickly expanded, now serving over 1 million customers across Europe. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, Monese aims to make banking easier for individuals, freelancers, and small business owners.

In addition to their current account offerings, Monese also provides budgeting tools and partnerships with companies like Transferwise for easy international payments.