How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with SEB

As outlined above, the best way to buy digital assets with a SEB account in Sweden, Lithuania and other countries in Europe is with a regulated crypto broker. With this method, investors can safely deposit fiat currency to buy, sell and stake cryptocurrencies.

Our recommended platform for SEB Bank account holders is Uphold because they are regulated and available in all jurisdictions across Europe. You can follow this simple guide to get started:

  1. Sign up with Uphold and complete your identity and KYC verification.
  2. Connect your SEB Bank account or Debit/Credit Card to deposit fiat.
  3. Search for the crypto asset you want to buy on the Uphold platform (250+ available).
  4. Input the amount of money you want to invest and select 'Buy'.
Buy Crypto with SEB Bank

Is SEB Bank Crypto-Friendly?

Yes, SEB Bank are a crypto-friendly banking platform in Europe that allows its customers to deposit funds into regulated crypto exchanges.  However, they do not offer any products or services to buy digital assets directly. As a result, investors in Sweden and Europe need to sign up to an exchange such as Uphold that is regulated and available in their country.

Will SEB Offer Crypto Services?

At this stage, SEB Bank has not indicated any plans to offer crypto services in the future. That said, it is likely that as adoption continues to grow, so will customer demand to be able to easily buy and store the crypto assets. This means that it is highly probable that SEB will eventually provide crypto investing and custodial services in the future.

Bottom Line

SEB Bank customers in Sweden and Europe can use Uphold to buy, sell and stake various crypto assets. This method is fast, cheap and secure as the platform is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Investors simply need to link their SEB account or Debit/Credit Card to deposit funds into Uphold.