Coinbase Available Countries

Coinbase Available Countries

Unveiling Coinbase's global scope, U.S. exclusive Pro platform, country change requirements, and staking opportunities.

Summary: Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, operates in over 100 countries globally, including the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and most countries in Asia, South America, and Africa. However, the extent of services varies per country due to different regulatory landscapes. Coinbase Pro, an advanced trading platform, is currently exclusively available in the US.

While you can change your country on Coinbase, note that this requires address and identity verification, and services may vary based on local regulations. Lastly, Coinbase supports cryptocurrency staking globally, although users should understand the associated rules and potential risks.

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Coinbase is a global digital asset exchange company that provides a platform for buying, selling, and staking over 400 cryptocurrencies while ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions.
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Available in 100+ Countries
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Content Guide

What Countries is Coinbase Available? 

Coinbase is available to users in over 100 countries worldwide. These include the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and most countries in Asia, South America and Africa. However, the availability of these services varies by country, as Coinbase complies with licenses issued by regulators in different jurisdictions.

Despite the global demand for Coinbase's innovative crypto-financial services, the platform's full offerings are restricted in certain countries due to specific regulatory requirements. Thus, due to these regulatory nuances, the complete set of services provided by Coinbase's advanced trading platform might not be accessible to users outside of certain approved jurisdictions.

Coinbase Countries

What Countries Does Coinbase Restrict?

Coinbase, like many U.S. based companies, generally restricts use in countries that are sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This typically includes countries like North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Cuba. Always consult the latest guidelines from the Coinbase Prohibited Regions page, or customer support for the most accurate information.

What Countries is Coinbase Pro Available?

Coinbase Pro, a trading platform designed for advanced users and known for offering a wider variety of cryptocurrencies than its basic counterpart, is currently available only to investors in the United States. This US-only availability is due to the regulatory environment and specific licensing requirements necessary for operation. As a result, the extensive trading features and advanced charting tools provided by Coinbase Pro are, as of now, exclusively accessible to those residing within the United States.

Can I Change Countries on Coinbase?

Yes, you can change your country on Coinbase, but there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Verification: If you move to a different country, you will need to verify your new address and identity details according to the verification process applicable in your new country of residence.
  2. Regulation: Cryptocurrency regulations vary by country. Some of Coinbase's services may not be available in your new country due to regulatory restrictions.
  3. Taxation: Different countries have different tax laws around cryptocurrency. When you move, you may be subject to different tax obligations.

Coinbase Staking Eligibility

Coinbase supports staking in all of the 100+ countries it operates in. This means that users from around the globe can confidently stake popular tokens such as Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos via the Coinbase exchange. By staking these cryptocurrencies, users can contribute to the security and efficiency of these networks while potentially earning staking rewards. However, as always, it's crucial for users to understand the specific rules and potential risks associated with staking and liquid staking derivative tokens like cbETH.

Bottom Line

In summary, Coinbase operates in over 100 countries globally, though services vary by location due to regulatory norms. Some countries are restricted, typically those OFAC-sanctioned, while the advanced platform, Coinbase Pro, is currently U.S.-exclusive. Users moving countries on Coinbase must consider new verification, regulation, and taxation. Regardless of location, staking popular tokens like Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos is possible. Always consult Coinbase's Prohibited Regions page or customer support for current information.

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