How to Earn Eligibility for LayerZero Airdrop

To become eligible for the LayerZero airdrop, you can increase your chances by actively participating in the Layer Zero ecosystem and following the steps below. These steps are related to protocols that use the LayerZero cross-chain communication protocol and are part of the ecosystem.

  1. Bridge funds to Aptos: Use the Aptos Bridge ( or LiquidSwap Bridge ( to transfer your funds. It's recommended to use low-fee chains like Arbitrum or Polygon. Although you can bridge as little as $0.01, aim for at least $100-$10,000 to increase your chances of eligibility.
  2. Utilize Stargate Finance: Stake $STG tokens by visiting It is recommended to stake at least 11 STG. Vote on proposals using your voting power at Ensure you participate in active proposals. Bridge funds through Stargate Finance using low-fee chains.
  3. Use Angle Protocol: Bridge tokens between EVM chains using the LayerZero-powered bridge. Check the list of supported chains on the LayerZero website for more information.
  4. Test the Layer Zero Bridge: Add Goerli and Avalanche Fuji testnet chains to your wallet using Obtain testnet tokens from faucets like,, and Bridge these testnet tokens using the Layer Zero Bridge (
  5. Engage with Rage Trade: Open positions on perpetuals and deposit USDC and GLP tokens in vaults at Rage Trade.
  6. Interact with RDNT Capital: Deposit and borrow tokens on the RDNT Capital platform.
  7. Regularly use the protocols: To maintain your eligibility for the airdrop, interact with all the mentioned protocols at least once a week.
  8. Avoid low-value transactions: When bridging, trading, or providing liquidity, do not perform transactions worth less than $100, as they might not count towards the airdrop eligibility.

What Will the LayerZero Airdrop be Worth?

The value of the LayerZero ($ZRO) airdrop will vary depending on how active you are in the ecosystem. Based on previous large airdrop allocations from large protocols like Arbitrum, Optimism and DYDX - we expect that the maximum allocation per wallet will be around $15,000 USD. If you want to optimize and maximize your airdrop potential, we recommend following the steps mentioned above across multiple wallets.

What is LayerZero?

LayerZero is an on-chain endpoint that enables cross-chain state sharing, bridging, lending and borrowing, swaps, governance, and more. It relies on oracles and relayers to transfer messages between on-chain endpoints, leveraging the security properties of established oracles and providing an additional layer of security via the open relayer system. This new network's worst-case security reduces to being as secure as the oracle, and even if the oracle's consensus is corrupted, it also requires that the relayer is actively colluding.

LayerZero's use cases include state sharing, unified liquidity bridging, swaps, and lending and borrowing. It enables a single interface and code base for all cross-chain pairs and unified liquidity across all chains with guaranteed finality on the source chain. It can wrap existing AMMs to perform cross-chain swaps and allows users to collateralize, borrow, farm, and repay without the need for bridging and swapping fees.

Bottom Line

LayerZero is a highly anticipated Layer 1 protocol that enables seamless communication between different blockchains, allowing for the development of cross-chain applications. To become eligible for the upcoming LayerZero airdrop, users can actively participate in the Layer Zero ecosystem by using protocols such as Aptos Bridge, Stargate Finance, Angle Protocol, Rage Trade, and RDNT Capital.