Who is ZachXBT?

Who is ZachXBT?

Unmasking ZachXBT: Crypto's vigilante exposing scams, facing legal battles, and backed by his own meme coin, $ZACH.

Summary: ZachXBT, a revered figure in the crypto community, uses his Twitter platform to expose scams, hacks, and unethical practices in the crypto sphere. Known as a digital detective, his investigative skills have unmasked many scams and bad actors.

He's also embroiled in a defamation lawsuit with NFT trader Jeffrey Huang, aka MachiBigBrother, over allegations of market manipulation. In support, the ZachXBT Coin ($ZACH), a new meme cryptocurrency, was created to help fund his legal costs. Despite being new, $ZACH quickly gained substantial support, demonstrating the crypto community's solidarity against scams and manipulation.

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Who is ZachXBT on Twitter?

ZachXBT is a highly regarded figure within the crypto community, known for his on-chain analysis expertise and extensive investigations into potential scams and misconduct within the sector. Using a pseudonymous Twitter account (@zachxbt), he has built a reputation as a digital detective or a crypto vigilante, shedding light on suspicious activity, bad actors, and unscrupulous practices within the crypto sphere.

Known for his meticulous attention to detail and an uncanny ability to track and trace digital assets across the blockchain, ZachXBT has played a critical role in exposing scams and bringing malicious players to justice. He has often been likened to the crypto version of Batman, instilling a sense of fear and accountability amongst influencers and entities operating with ulterior motives.


Popular ZachXBT Threads

ZachXBT is renowned for his enlightening Twitter threads that leverage on-chain analysis to expose scams, rug pulls, and hacks in the crypto sphere.

  1. Exposing Crypto Scams: ZachXBT’s threads often dissect high-profile scams. For example, he shed light on the infamous "SaveTheKids" token scandal, revealing the scheme's complex manipulation and exploitation tactics.
  2. Investigating Hacks: His threads often detail postmortems of significant crypto hacks. A notable instance was his comprehensive analysis of the Poly Network hack, tracing the path of the stolen funds and unmasking the hackers' intricate strategies.
  3. Spotlight on Influencers: ZachXBT also exposes influencers involved in dubious activities. His revelations about figures like Scott Melker, Tom Bilyeu and Ran Neuner, among others, have shown the hidden underbelly of influencer influence on the market.
  4. Unraveling Rug Pulls: ZachXBT uncovers the mechanics of "rug pulls". His exposure of the FairMoon rug pulls is a prime example of how developers can abandon a project, leaving investors with worthless tokens.

His threads serve as a warning, raising awareness and enabling followers to better safeguard their investments against potential crypto scams.

ZachXBT and MachiBigBrother Lawsuit

ZachXBT is being sued by NFT trader Jeffrey Huang, aka MachiBigBrother, for defamation and libel. The lawsuit is in response to a 2022 report by ZachXBT alleging that Huang manipulated crypto markets and embezzled 22,000 Ether, which was worth nearly $38 million. 

Huang claims the report inflicted serious reputational and financial harm on him, and is seeking actual, compensatory, and exemplary damages, as well as legal fee reimbursement. ZachXBT has called for crypto donations to help cover his legal costs.

What is ZachXBT Coin ($ZACH)?

ZachXBT Coin, also referred to as $ZACH, is a new meme cryptocurrency that has been launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Its primary purpose is to financially support ZachXBT, the pseudonymous blockchain detective, in his ongoing legal battle against NFT trader Jeffrey Huang (MachiBigBrother).

One distinctive feature of ZachXBT Coin is its sell tax mechanism. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of $ZACH tokens goes directly to ZachXBT's dedicated legal fund wallet (0x6eA15…). This setup creates a direct channel for supporters of ZachXBT to contribute to his legal costs.

Despite being a new entrant in the highly volatile meme coin market, $ZACH has quickly gained traction. Within just five hours of its deployment, the coin's market capitalization exceeded $2 million, indicating strong support from the crypto community for ZachXBT's cause. 

ZachXBT Coin

Bottom Line

In conclusion, ZachXBT's significant impact on the crypto community is undeniable. His critical analyses and exposure of scams, hacks, and unethical influencers continue to shield many from the underbelly of the crypto world. While facing a serious defamation lawsuit from Jeffrey Huang, aka MachiBigBrother, the crypto community has rallied around ZachXBT, resulting in the creation and rapid adoption of ZachXBT Coin ($ZACH). 

This new meme cryptocurrency not only supports ZachXBT financially in his legal battles but also underlines the strength and resilience of the community standing against scams and market manipulation.

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