Vertex Protocol Review

Vertex Protocol Review

Explore the rise of Vertex Protocol, a leading DEX on Arbitrum, now surpassing competitors like dYdX and GMX with its innovative trading platform.

Summary: Vertex Protocol is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange deployed on Arbitrum that offers spot and perpetual contract trading.  It features a hybrid CLOB and AMM system for efficient liquidity and boasts daily volumes as high as $351 million, putting it ahead of competitors like dYdX and GMX.

Vertex’s diverse trading options, deep liquidity, competitive fees, innovative VRTX tokenomics, and the Trade & Earn program make it a secure, user-friendly, and attractive platform for crypto traders and investors interested in farming the token.

Vertex Protocol Overview
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Vertex Protocol is a DEX on the Arbitrum network, blending spot, perpetual, and money market trading with a unique hybrid of CLOB and AMM systems, and surpassing key competitors in the DeFi space.
Available Assets
BTC, ETH, SOL, SUI, VRTX, AVAX & 15 more.
Supported Networks
Arbitrum only.
Maker orders are free and earn rewards. Taker orders are 0.02% to 0.05%.

Join and receive and extra 10% rebate on fees paid in $VRTX when trading on the platform.

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What is Vertex Protocol?

Vertex Protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Arbitrum network, offering a unique blend of spot, perpetual, and money market trading in one integrated platform. It features a hybrid of Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) and Automated Market Maker (AMM) systems, ensuring efficient liquidity and fast trades. Emphasizing user autonomy, Vertex is non-custodial, allowing complete control over assets.

Demonstrating significant growth, Vertex has recorded a substantial trading volume, with a recent 24-hour volume reaching $351 million and a total volume exceeding $18.0 billion. These figures reflect the protocol's rapid adoption and efficiency in the competitive DeFi space, merging the benefits of decentralized trading with the performance of centralized platforms.

Vertex Protocol

Vertex Protocol Product Review

Vertex Protocol is a highly performant decentralized exchange that offers no MEV trading and a suite of products, including spot trading, perpetual contracts, and liquidity pools. These products are tailored to provide a versatile and efficient trading experience for on-chain traders, investors and yield farmers seeking promising projects. 

Here is a high-level overview of Vertex’s primary offerings:

  • Perpetual Contracts: A key feature of Vertex Protocol, perpetual futures comprise about 90% of its trading volume. These contracts, offering leverage up to 10x, allow users to trade various assets, including BTC, ETH, ARB, SOL, BNB, SUI, MATIC, and 15 more. They are designed for users seeking to leverage price movements of assets without the constraint of expiration dates.
  • Spot Trading: Vertex provides immediate trading of cryptocurrencies in its spot markets. Assets like wBTC and wETH are traded against USDC, with the platform’s seamless integration of features like cross-margining enhancing user experience in capital management.
  • Liquidity Pools: For users interested in earning passive income, Vertex’s liquidity pools present an opportunity. Participants in both spot and perpetual markets can earn transaction fees and $VRTX tokens, contributing to the platform's liquidity and earning rewards in return.

Overall, Vertex Protocol merges the autonomy of DeFi with the functionality of centralized systems, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly platform in the crypto trading space.

Vertex Protocol Pools

Is Vertex Protocol Safe?

Vertex Protocol ensures user safety with its self-custodial system, granting users full control over their assets. This feature allows for immediate access to funds, eliminating the risk of frozen assets and enhancing trust in the platform's reliability in the DeFi space.

The platform's partnerships with reputable market makers and venture capital firms like Wintermule, Dexterity Capital, Hack VC, GSR, Jane Street, Collab+Currency, HRT, and Big Brain Holdings further bolster its credibility. These collaborations with well-established entities in the finance sector add an extra layer of trust and stability.

Vertex's commitment to security is also evident in its open-source contracts and comprehensive code audits conducted by OtterSec. This transparency, combined with OtterSec's expertise in Web3 and traditional security, ensures a high safety standard for users. The ongoing partnership with OtterSec for security enhancements underlines Vertex's dedication to providing a secure trading platform.

Trading Fees

Vertex Protocol's fee structure is designed to be competitive and efficient, catering to different market participants, including Price Makers, Price Takers, Liquidity Providers (LPs), and Borrowers and Lenders.

  • Trading Fees: Vertex offers a competitive maker/taker fee model. Price Makers (those providing liquidity) enjoy zero fees on major pairs such as BTC/USDC and ETH/USDC for both spot and perpetual markets. Price Takers (those removing liquidity) are charged 0.02% - 0.04% fees.
  • Liquidity and Borrow/Lend Pools: Variable fees apply in AMM liquidity pools and borrow/lend activities in the money market.

These fees balance the economic incentives for all participants, ensuring Vertex Protocol's liquidity and operational efficiency.

Vertex Tokenomics

VRTX tokenomics within the Vertex Protocol encompasses a multifaceted utility and reward system, designed to incentivize long-term participation and contribution to the ecosystem.

  • Utility of VRTX: The VRTX token, as Vertex Protocol's native utility token, is central to incentivizing user participation and commitment. Its primary role is to reward activities that positively impact the platform, including trading, marketing, and referrals.
  • Staking and voVRTX: Staking VRTX is essential for participating in the protocol's incentive programs and securing the ecosystem. Staked VRTX generates a 'voVRTX' score, reflecting the user's engagement level and duration of commitment. This score amplifies rewards and incentives, with a boost range between 1X and 2.5X, depending on user activity and staking duration.
  • Supply and Distribution: The total VRTX supply is fixed at 1 billion tokens, with 90.85% distributed over 5+ years following the mainnet launch. The distribution strategy includes an ongoing incentives phase with 28-day epochs, where up to 50% of trading fee revenue (excluding sequencer fees) is allocated to the Protocol Treasury. These funds are used for rewards, distributed based on user participation and their voVRTX score.

The tokenomics of $VRTX, while geared towards building a sustainable community, has a front-loaded distribution schedule. Our analysts suggests investors be aware of the aggressive initial supply release, which could significantly impact the token's early market dynamics.

Vertex Tokenomics

Vertex Protocol Trade & Earn Program

The Vertex Protocol's Trade & Earn initiative is central to fostering user engagement and market liquidity through the VRTX token. This program aligns user activities with the protocol's growth by distributing rewards based on trading activities within the Vertex ecosystem.

Structured in two stages, the program includes the Initial Token Phase, which accounted for 10% of VRTX's total supply and ended on November 8th, 2023, and the Ongoing Incentives Phase, covering 34% of the VRTX allocation and spanning over six years. Reward allocation is proportional to users' trading activities and fees, with periodic adjustments to adapt to market shifts and new listings.

Participants, including Makers/Liquidity Providers and Takers, earn VRTX tokens relative to their contribution to trading volume and liquidity. Vertex regularly updates the details of these rewards to maintain an active, liquid, and rewarding trading environment on its decentralized exchange.

Bottom Line

In summary, Vertex Protocol emerges as a multifaceted decentralized exchange, skillfully integrating spot, perpetual, and money market trading on the Arbitrum network. With its unique blend of CLOB and AMM systems, it guarantees efficient liquidity and swift trades, offering users a self-custodial, safe, and user-friendly platform. 

Vertex's substantial trading volume and strategic partnerships underline its rapid growth and credibility in the DeFi space. Its competitive fee structure, innovative tokenomics with the VRTX token, and the Trade & Earn program further accentuate its appeal to traders and investors alike, making it a significant player in the evolving world of crypto trading.

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