How to Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask

How to Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask

Discover the simple process of adding Synapse Chain to your MetaMask wallet with our easy 4-step guide.

Summary: Discover the ease of incorporating the Synapse Chain Sepolia testnet with your MetaMask wallet by following our uncomplicated 4-step guide. Take advantage of the innovative technology stack that offers reduced gas fees and accelerated transaction times. For a safe and streamlined setup, consult the official Synapse Chain documentation.

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Can I Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask?

Yes, you can add Synapse Chain to your MetaMask wallet because it is an Ethereum-based Optimistic Rollup that uses the OP Stack. This makes Synapse Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible and a supported network by MetaMask. Synapse Chain is current in testnet, meaning you will need to use their Sepolia testnet chain to test applications or deploy contracts until mainnet is released. 

How to Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask

The safest way to connect to Synapse Chain using your MetaMask wallet is by manually connecting to the official Synapse Chain Sepolia network information. To find the most accurate and up-to-date details, consult the official Synapse documentation, your go-to resource for navigating the innovative EVM-compatible environment that this Ethereum-based Optimistic Rollup offers, thanks to its development on the Syn OP Stack.

Follow this uncomplicated 4-step guide to set things up:

  1. Head to the official Synapse Chain documentation to obtain the most recent RPC details.
  2. Access your MetaMask Wallet and select the 'Add Network' feature.
  3. Carefully insert the confirmed Synapse Chain mainnet RPC specifics into your MetaMask Wallet.
  4. Hit 'connect', and you're all set to explore and deploy interchain applications with ease, benefiting from faster transaction times and significantly lower fees.
Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask

Synapse RPC Details

Here are the RPC particulars specifically tailored for the Synapse Chain blockchain network. For reliable and precise data, we highly recommend consulting the official Synapse documentation.

For RPC and network details on other variations of Synapse Chain, you may explore our Synapse Mainnet guide or Synapse Testnet guide to gain a deeper understanding.

About Synapse Chain

Synapse Chain is a groundbreaking Ethereum-based Optimistic Rollup, established on the innovative Syn OP Stack. This unique structure facilitates a natively interchain rollup, capable of interacting with various supported chains through the Synapse Interchain Network. This network underpins a scalable and trustless ecosystem where transactions are near-instant and considerably less expensive than on Ethereum, making interchain deposits and swift withdrawals a reality via the Synapse Chain Bridge.

As an interchain data availability layer within the Synapse Interchain Network, Synapse Chain stands as a central hub, enhancing the development of novel interchain applications. It promises a high-throughput and low-cost data availability and execution environment, firmly settling all interchain actions on the Ethereum platform, thereby fostering a secure and fluid space for innovation and growth in the interchain communication sector.

Synapse Chain

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Synapse Chain, an Ethereum-based Optimistic Rollup, can seamlessly integrate with your MetaMask wallet. Currently in its testnet phase, users can manually connect to the Synapse Chain Sepolia network through MetaMask by following a straightforward 4-step guide. With its foundation on the innovative Syn OP Stack, Synapse Chain champions a scalable, trustless ecosystem, ushering in rapid interchain transactions at reduced costs.

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