Who is Anthony Sassano?

Anthony Sassano or @sassal0x is one of the most popular independent Ethereum educators and is the founder of The Daily Gwei. Anthony was an early investor into the Ethereum ecosystem from 2017 and built his name for publishing research and insights about the bleeding-edge of DeFi & Ethereum.

He started his career in the Ethereum ecosystem as the Marketing Manager for Set Protocol and as the co-host of the EthHub podcast. EthHub was his previous media brand prior to spinning off The Daily Gweri, which was cohosted with Eric Conner about the Ethereum ecosystem.

Anthony Sassano

What is Anthony Sassano's Net Worth?

As Anthony's name and brand grew, so did his investment opportunities. Sassano is now a prolific venture investor with over 21 public venture investments into the Ethereum ecosystem. Based on our analysis, we would expect Anthony Sassano to worth in excess of $10 million USD due to information on doxxed wallets, his venture portfolio and average entry price into Ethereum (ETH).

Anthony Sassano Net Worth

What is Anthony Sassano's Investment Portfolio

Based on data provided by cryptorank.io, Anthony Sassano currently has over 21 venture investments in private and public markets. Some of the most prominent projects include Euler, Lyra Finance, Push Protocol, Vesta Finance, Aztec and many other. He is also a paid spokesman and early investor for the Polygon ecosystem, who he started working with as an advisor when the market cap was significantly smaller.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Anthony Sassano is a prominent figure in the Ethereum ecosystem who has established himself as an educator, thought leader, and investor. His early entry into the Ethereum ecosystem and his focus on providing research and insights about DeFi and Ethereum have contributed to his success. With an estimated net worth of over $10 million, Anthony Sassano is a testament to the potential rewards of investing in emerging technologies and being a part of a growing industry.