Post.Tech Explained

Post.Tech Explained

Delve into Post.Tech's unique blend of social networking and DeFi, and discover how it's making waves in the SocialFi ecosystem.

Post.Tech is a SocialFi App that is still in Beta and created by anonymous founders. Caution is advised when interacting with this protocol.

Summary: Post.Tech is a rapidly growing platform in the SocialFi and DeFi sectors, offering a unique blend of social media and financial opportunities. The platform allows users to tokenize their profiles and posts, buy and sell shares of social profiles, and engage in rewarding activities through an airdrop campaign.

With features like private discussion channels and future airdrop incentives, it aims to be both socially engaging and financially beneficial for users. Launched on Arbitrum, Post.Tech's recent metrics show its increasing influence and profitability.

Post.Tech Overview
4.5 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Post.Tech is an emerging SocialFi and DeFi platform launched on Arbitrum that allows users to tokenize social profiles and posts while offering financial rewards through a community-focused airdrop campaign.
Supported Networks
Deployed on Arbitrum (Layer 2).
Anonymous (caution advised when engaging with the App).
Total Users
Over 60,000 unique users.

Content Guide

What is Post.Tech?

Post.Tech is a new platform and competitor to Friend.Tech in the SocialFi space, blending elements of social networking with decentralized finance (DeFi) to offer users social and financial opportunities. Launched on Arbitrum, the platform features an array of innovative functions such as allowing users to buy and sell shares of social profiles, engage in private channel discussions, and even tease the concept of making individual posts tradable assets. 

By doing so, Post.Tech doesn't just provide a forum for interaction; it turns that interaction into a potentially lucrative investment, rewarding active engagement with future airdrop incentives. Its fast-paced growth, evidenced by a surge in transaction volume and unique users, underscores its burgeoning significance in both the DeFi and SocialFi ecosystems.


How does Post.Tech work?

Post.Tech (@PostTechSoFi) is a platform that lets users turn their profiles and posts into tradable tokens. After signing up, you can "tokenize" your profile, allowing others to buy and sell shares based on its future worth. You can also tokenize individual posts that gain popularity, adding a financial angle to your social interactions.

The platform includes private discussion channels as well, offering a cozy space for conversation while still being financially rewarding. In short, Post.Tech adds a monetary layer to social networking, all in a decentralized setting that emphasizes user control and financial freedom.

Post.Tech Airdrop Details

The Post.Tech Airdrop Campaign is designed to boost user engagement and expand the platform's community. The process is structured around a points system, which rewards users for various activities on both the Post.Tech platform and Twitter.

  1. Earn Points: Users can rack up points by creating posts, replying to existing posts, inviting friends to the platform, and trading profile shares.
  2. Point Calculations: After each activity period, known as an epoch, the points users have earned are tallied up.
  3. Token Calculations: When the campaign comes to an end, these points are used to calculate the number of Post.Tech tokens each user is entitled to.
  4. Claim Tokens: Users can then claim their earned tokens, making the points they've gathered turn into a tangible asset.
  5. Campaign Impact: The campaign aims to drive user growth and engagement while also dealing with challenges like bot activity, to maintain the platform's integrity.

By participating in the campaign, users not only get to explore Post.Tech's unique features but also have the opportunity to earn tokens, making it a win-win for both the platform and its community.

Post.Tech Airdrop

Post.Tech Growth

Post.Tech has experienced significant growth, capturing the attention of the crypto landscape. The platform now boasts 60,563 users, a testament to its burgeoning community. Financially, it has logged an impressive $8,045,430 in trading volume. It has also collected Ξ251.29 in protocol fees, signalling strong revenue generation capabilities. 

Additionally, the platform has seen 717,437 shares traded, reflecting high user engagement and liquidity. This data underscores Post.Tech's rapidly expanding influence in the DeFi and SocialFi sectors.

Post.Tech Growth

Post.Tech vs Friend.Tech

When comparing Post.Tech and Friend.Tech, two major players in the SocialFi arena within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, several aspects stand out that can help you make an informed choice:

  • Underlying Technology: Friend.Tech operates on Coinbase's Base Layer 2, offering a level of scalability and security. On the other hand, Post.Tech leverages Arbitrum, known for its cost-efficiency and speed.
  • Feature Set: Post.Tech provides a user interface that closely mimics x.com (formerly known as Twitter), offering a familiar experience to social media enthusiasts. In contrast, Friend.Tech specializes as a private messaging application, with a more focused utility.
  • Revenue Generation: Friend.Tech has a more mature financial model, accumulating over $14 million in protocol fees. Post.Tech is comparatively newer, generating under $1 million in revenue since its inception.
  • Leadership Transparency: One area where Friend.Tech gains an edge is the transparency of its founding team, which collaborates with Coinbase and Paradigm VC. In contrast, Post.Tech's anonymous founders may present a level of risk for users concerned with accountability.

Each platform has its pros and cons, and your choice should depend on your particular needs, whether it be the technology you trust, the features you require, or the financial stability and leadership transparency you value.

Post.Tech vs Friend.Tech

Bottom Line

In summary, Post.Tech is carving out its own unique space in the growing SocialFi sector by integrating decentralized finance with social media elements. The platform offers an intriguing mix of features, from tokenizing social profiles to hosting private discussion channels, all while emphasizing user control and financial freedom. Their innovative airdrop campaign adds an incentive layer, encouraging both user growth and engagement. Although still a new player when compared to Friend.Tech, Post.Tech's impressive user statistics and trading volume point to its potential as a formidable force in the DeFi and SocialFi ecosystems.

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